Faris Cave, Ellsworth County, KS

I’ve been wanting to make another trip back to Faris Cave, I had been there in the summer and was concerned about snakes so I didn’t explore the area like I wanted.  I said then, that I would return in the winter when the snakes were “frozen”.  Well, it’s winter, and we haven’t had the cold weather like usual, in fact today it’s in the low 60’s.  Perfect day for an adventure to the caves.  Hope the snakes are not active!!

Faris Cave is located along the Smoky Hill River, caves that were carved into the sandstone formation by Charles Griffin who came to Kansas in the 1880’s.  The 3 small rooms served as his home and a spring house, used to keep things cool.  In 1893 the land was sold to Winfield and William Faris.  They built a wood frame house close to the caves and used the caves as a spring house, generator room and for a short time as a schoolhouse.

The caves are very isolated, gravel and dirt roads, but it’s definitely worth the trip.  As I was standing there thinking about the people who had lived here, I heard silence, only broken by a few chirps from the birds.  Amazing place, I hope you can experience it sometime.

(I didn’t see any snakes!!)








Back roads on the way home.

Sandstone Bluffs


Well kept, beautiful abandoned sandstone ranch house



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