Riley, County KS

It was a beautiful day for an adventure on the backroads.  With no real destination in mind we headed north-east.  I opened up my topo map and saw that I had a little sticky note that pointed to an area that said, abandoned railroad bridge.  Arriving at the sticky note, was the ghost town of Lasita.


Settled in 1880 Lasita once was a small town of 35.  The farming community that surrounded the town supported the businesses and school.  The elevator, cemetery and one home is all that is left of the town that once had a 2 story school, general store, blacksmith, and stockyards.  There was an abandoned railroad, but the terrain didn’t support the type of railroad bridge that I was looking for.  Load up Wylie, let’s head south, I see a little town and creek on the map.


South of Lasita a few miles is

Bala, KS

Settled in 1870 on its original site, it was moved 1 1/2 south when the railroad come in 1887.  In the 1960’s Fort Riley expanded to the edge of town and the village died out.  Only the Presbyterian Church and a few houses are left.


Found the abandoned railroad


Turn around!!


One of the largest stone arch railroad bridge in Kansas


What a treasure to have found!!  Such a beautiful warm (80) autumn day.


Smaller stone arched railroad bridge about 2 miles west.



12 thoughts on “Riley, County KS

    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      You certainly grew up in a beautiful part of the Flint Hills!!!
      Only access to the bridge is on the south side of it. North side is on Fort Riley Reservation. Just to the south and east of Bala


  1. shoreacres

    I thought it was strange that Riley County rang a bell. Then I realized that’s Manhattan, and Konza prairie. I didn’t make it up there this time, but on my first trip to the area, I did. The stone bridges are just glorious. There’s one in Matfield Green that still carries the BNSF trains, and I passed under it several times on my way to the open range. I smiled every time, and I smiled at your photos just as much!


    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      I love that area of Kansas. Your grain elevator is holding up well. How old is it!
      I bet you were surprised to see it! Hope I brought back happy memories for you! Are you still living in Kansas?



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