ToteMs are bags that I made out of feed sacks.  They are very durable and strong.  I love mine for grocery shopping as I can get my weeks worth of groceries in 4 bags.  Sometimes I wished they had wheels on them!

I do NOT sell the bags, but they can be had with a donation to your choice of charity or to the Salina Animal shelter.

I will not be making anymore bags, not all are available.



9 thoughts on “ToteMs

  1. Sharra Meadows (Haven of the Ozarks employee)

    We received a donation today at Haven of the Ozarks Animal Sanctuary from a lady named Kay Perry from Golden, MO. She had told us about your organization and we would like to thank you! They are very nice “totems” and we would like to share your organization on our Facebook page.

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  2. Pama Farmer

    Thanks Debbie for the ToteMs. I will be making a donation to the Weld Food Bank in Colorado. Plus I will share some of them with my “special co-workes and friends.” They are wonderful repurposed totes. You are a special lady!

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    1. dfarmer56 Post author

      You’re welcome and thank you so much for making a donation to the Weld Food Bank!!
      It was so wonderful being together. It’s always so fun to see and meet all of your animals, Ron certainly knows each and everyone. I have some great pictures of him and MC, will email them to you.
      Thanks for putting us up for a few days. Wylie and Ragsy also have so much fun together. Love you and Miss you


  3. Pan

    What an attractive, wonderful and creative caring project !
    Earth friendly recycling with a continuing use that results in aid for animals in need..
    How do I let you know when I make the donations and find which are still available?
    If there’s any Sunflower left, I’ll be surprised but my favs are :
    Oat Tote
    10 Sweet
    Scratch Grains


    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      I don’t have any left. That was quite a while ago that I made those. I found a video on YouTube that I took the ideal from. I’m not one who is known for sewing, it was quite a challenge for me! They certainly did make great bags!!


  4. Leslie Carson Wolfe

    Oh, sorry I missed the chance to get one of yours. I don’t do much sewing either, but I sure liked your bags when I saw them. The bags of sunflower seeds we buy at the feed store for our bird feeders are sometimes made with that type of material. So I should try making a Totem like yours sometime! Thanks for your kind replies to my questions.

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  5. Kristy J Hull

    These are beautiful! Kudos to you for finding a way to up-cycle and repurpose empty feed bags. Have previously seen a few totes made from muslin feed bags, but none like these. I agree with the post from Leslie Carson Wolfe. I would love to learn to make these as well. Would you be willing to share a link to the Youtube how-to video?


    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      Thank you for your interest in the totems. First of all I must tell you, I am no seamstress. Absolutely no sewing ability at all. But I made dozens and dozens of these – years ago, and they’re still in use!! I had found some videos on YouTube that I sorta followed. I allowed extra on the bottom as I made it so you could stand it up. I didn’t make any bags made out of dog or cat food as they were too “oily”.
      I see your email is pittstate – are you in Kansas?!?
      Thank you for visiting my blog.
      Have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas



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