Backroad Hike

It was such a beautiful day and we were needing some extra outdoor time. We loaded up and headed west.

Cow, calf and cowboy silhouette

U B Church AD. 1882

A road well traveled. Thankfully not by many people. Plenty of evidence of deer and coyotes.

8 thoughts on “Backroad Hike

  1. shoreacres

    Gorgeous, gorgeous photos. I always get a kick out of the metal silhouettes, but I love that church. I hope you’re missing the bad weather tonight — I think you are. I saw that there were tornado warnings out for Joplin and areas east. I talked with my aunt, and we agreed that my coming up to Kansas City right now probably wasn’t the best idea. Things still are reasonably sane around here, so I’m going to just stay here and work, and save up some money for a spring trip. I sure do need a trip of some sort at this point, but I need to be patient!

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      It was such a gorgeous day to be out walking and exploring. Wonderful therapy!!
      Your decision to wait to come to Kansas is probably a good one. We are seeing such an increase in the virus. Can’t wait until all this settles down and we can get back to “normal” whatever that will be.
      We are having high winds but no storms. Poor little Wylie about blew away!!

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  2. Leslie Carson Wolfe

    Hi, Debra! I’ve found your website while searching online, trying to identify an old building I saw near the stone arch bridge near Clements in Chase County. The picture is posted in my Driving in Kansas folder on my photography website. If you know what this lovely old silver looking building is, I would love to know! Your photos are great, just the sort of way I look at Kansas when I’m out driving!

    Leslie in Topeka

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      Chase County is one of my favorite spots!! I don’t know what the building at Clements.
      I so happy that you found my website. I love Kansas and there is always something of interest to see and do.
      I will check out your photos!



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