Another Beautiful Winter Day

Wylie and I spent another winter day at the lake.  We went to Kanoplis, needing the exercise that the trails offered.

A well-traveled trail.  We were the only ones on the trail, when it’s nice you can expect to see horses and hikers.   


The trails were wonderful to walk, until someone got a sticker in his paw and even though I removed it, he didn’t want to walk on the trail, I had to pack him out.  Mention the word sticker and he will snarl at you!

Beautiful ice sculptures.

Someone built a really nice shelter.

This is our new little exploring vehicle.  After a long hike it’s nice to have a meal and a nap!!  Can’t wait to see all the adventures it will take us on.  Not much longer than a full-sized pickup easy to get around, but you have to watch for low hanging limbs and other objects.

6 thoughts on “Another Beautiful Winter Day

  1. shoreacres

    That shelter is fabulous! Would a hardy camper have built that? Is it for humans, or wildlife? I’ll be that even if it was built for humans, more than a few bunnies or such might have taken shelter there. Your mobile shelter is wonderful! That’s going to make exploring even more pleasurable!

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      I was so surprised to see the little shelter. It was on the edge of an area that offers tent camping and it certainly looked like it could withstand the elements.
      We’re really enjoying the little camper. It’s really comfortable for long trips and our daily outings. It’s nice to have your “things” with you, the comforts of home.

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