Pan Fried Chicken Day!!

Mr. Farmer was needing to go to Buhler KS to take back some combine wheels. He asked if Wylie and I wanted to ride along. I said sure!! but we have to go on a Thursday. Why Thursday he asked, I told him that’s when Lavon’s serves “pan fried chicken”!! It seemed like a long wait til Thursday. Wylie and I had been there before on a Friday, when she serves Verenika, and many other items including BBQ. I couldn’t wait to go back for the “pan fried chicken”.

Welcome to Lavon’s Bakery and BBQ.

So many choices and all of it so good!!! (photo from previous trip, everyone today had masks on)

They have a patio that offers outdoor dining, surrounded by flowers and hummingbird feeders. Wylie didn’t want to bother the cat. We chose another table!

I meant to take a photo of my plate of pan fried chicken, real mashed potatoes and gravy (made with the drippings of the chicken), but it was too late. I had eaten it already! Oh and don’t forget to get a piece of pie!! My favorite – coconut cream!

You really must make a trip to Lavon’s Bakery and BBQ in Buhler. The owners are wonderful people and you will not find a better home cooked meal. Let me know when you are going – I could meet you there!!!

Here is a link to their website.

Be sure to visit them on Facebook

Hey Mr. Farmer, I will make a parts run to Buhler anytime (as long as it’s Thursday or Friday)!

6 thoughts on “Pan Fried Chicken Day!!

    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      It was a great meal. I remember all the fried chicken mom fixed. When Chris was home I cooked a lot of fried chicken and all the fixings. I think I’ll get a cast iron skillet out and start frying again.


  1. shoreacres

    Fried chicken was our standard Sunday dinner at Grandma’s. My dad got the gizzards, and I got the livers. I still like those, but haven’t had the courage to order them in a restaurant. I think maybe they’d be just fine in this place! It looks like it has it all. Any place with fried chicken, pies, and a cat is pretty high up on my list!

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      I remember my moms piece was the neck, liver and gizzard. She would even fry the little tail!! The rest of us all got the “good” pieces. There certainly is a big difference in pan fried and deep fat fried chicken. After eating here, I want to go back to pan fried!!! I knew you would love the cat on the table!!
      Stay safe. It looks like rain/storms for you.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. shoreacres

        We’re fine, here. Some rain bands from Hannah are coming through, but the winds haven’t been much more than 25-30 mph. Even the Galveston ferries still are running. Farther down the coast, things aren’t so good!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Debra Farmer Post author

        Thankful that Hannah is only giving you the rain bands!!
        I’m reading The Deadliest Women In The West. Mother Nature on the Prairies and Plains 1800-1900. By Rod Beemer (a local author). Just starting the chapter Waves of Dying about the hurricane of 1900 in Galveston.
        Very interesting book.


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