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Out and About

This beautiful watch dog lives a few miles from us.  I love seeing him guarding his sheep.  If I sit and watch him too long, he will move his herd away.  I wished Wylie could spend a day with him!!



Glad someone is restoring this beautiful home.



Watching over the prairie



Stone arch railroad bridge



I don’t often see a barn with the silo attached to it.





Autumn Mosaic

There is such a bumper crop of milo this year that the elevators are piling it on the ground.  The man whose face was worn from seeing may years of harvest smiled as I told him he was quite an artist.  He replied, “ma’am I’ve never thought of myself as an artist”.








Farmer Days Windmill

A windmill is something I have always wanted.  They stand as proud sentinels on the Kansas plains.


So many of them no longer operating and showing the ravages of time and weather.


When Wylie and I are out on the backroads, we occasionally (always) find a place to shop that has treasures from the past and present.  There is a great shop in Lucas, Auntie Gurtie’s Art & Antiques (please check out her page of Facebook!)  On a recent trip to Lucas, I finally got a windmill!!!

Unlike the time I asked Mr. Farmer to hang a galvanized bucket upside down in the chicken house for a chandelier, his reply “You want me to do what?”,  he liked the idea of hanging a windmill wheel on the outside wall of the house.  If you follow Pinterest you have probably seen these half wheels, they are very popular in decorating.

Mounting the half 6′ wheel required some thought on how to secure it so it wouldn’t rattle in the wind.  Mr. Farmer designed some brackets to hold it securely.


Wylie supervising from a safe distance.


The job was not without injury.  While cutting an anti-rattle device (plastic hose), Mr. Farmer cut his thumb.  He also designed his bandage!!


I love art work, especially re-purposed art!


Old sewing stand and sink.   A treasure from Julie’s Birdboxes in Lucas, KS

Here is a link to her page: Julie’s Birdboxes



Tuesday’s Adventure, Wilson & Lucas

Our journey starts out in Wilson, KS the Czech Capital of Kansas.  Such a pretty town that is located off of I-70 at mile marker 206.


Wilson State Bank Building


City Jail and Water Tower


It’s been awhile since I’ve used a phone booth!

Wilson Lake

Known for the clearest water in Kansas, Wilson Lake is one of the better fishing lakes for crappie, walleye and wipers.  The shore line is scenic and rugged.  Unfortunately the lake it is currently at record low.


Lucas, KS



Garden of Eden

DSC00702DSC00697 DSC00698 DSC00704 DSC00703DSC00705

Millers Park

DSC00699DSC00700 DSC00701

Bowl Plaza

This public restroom is amazing!!!  You have got to go…….see this!!

DSC00722 DSC00721


The lid is always open and there’s plenty of paper.  (The roll of toilet paper is right side of first photo.)


Wine Bottles



Women’s Restroom

DSC00711 DSC00712 DSC00709 DSC00710 DSC00713


Men’s  Restroom


DSC00718 DSC00717 DSC00714DSC00715


The chess set, dominoes and piano keys above the door didn’t show up very well.  Love the Hot Wheels mural.  Be sure to click on the photos too see them better.





Farm outside of Sylvan Grove, KS

DSC00725 DSC00724

Excelsior Lutheran Church

This beautiful church can be seen from I-70.  the metal tower at night displays a white cross. Services are held every Sunday at 8:30