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Riley, County KS

It was a beautiful day for an adventure on the backroads.  With no real destination in mind we headed north-east.  I opened up my topo map and saw that I had a little sticky note that pointed to an area that said, abandoned railroad bridge.  Arriving at the sticky note, was the ghost town of Lasita.


Settled in 1880 Lasita once was a small town of 35.  The farming community that surrounded the town supported the businesses and school.  The elevator, cemetery and one home is all that is left of the town that once had a 2 story school, general store, blacksmith, and stockyards.  There was an abandoned railroad, but the terrain didn’t support the type of railroad bridge that I was looking for.  Load up Wylie, let’s head south, I see a little town and creek on the map.


South of Lasita a few miles is

Bala, KS

Settled in 1870 on its original site, it was moved 1 1/2 south when the railroad come in 1887.  In the 1960’s Fort Riley expanded to the edge of town and the village died out.  Only the Presbyterian Church and a few houses are left.


Found the abandoned railroad


Turn around!!


One of the largest stone arch railroad bridge in Kansas


What a treasure to have found!!  Such a beautiful warm (80) autumn day.


Smaller stone arched railroad bridge about 2 miles west.



Dr. Jones Homestead


Located in the Flint Hills, just to the southeast of Florence, KS is the home of Dr. W.B. Jones


Built in 1878


Beautiful stone work


Dr. Jones and his wife Sara had 7 sons.  They only lived in this beautiful home for a few years.


The moon keeps watch over the majestic homestead.




Teterville & Teter Rock

On a hilltop in the Flint Hills of Greenwood County, stands a mammoth 16′ tall slab of rock that over looks the valley below.  In 1920 oil was discovered and the boom town of Teterville was born.  At one time it was home to more than 600 residents, supporting two general stores, a school, post office and housing for oil field workers and their families.  By 1960 – everyone and almost everything is gone.  All that remain is a few foundations.

It’s hard to imagine the vast prairie with wooden oil derricks towering around the countryside and the bustling town of Teterville.

Remains of a foundation in Teterville.


Located on a high point stands Teter Rock.  In the 1870’s James Teter used a pile of rocks to mark the way for pioneers to the Cottonwood River, those rocks were later used as building material.  In the 1950’s the Greenwood County Historical Society erected the present day monument.  A majestic tribute known as Teter Rock.  It was amazing standing by the monument looking out over 1,000’s of acres of beautiful Flint Hills.




Residents of Teter Rock


Wild mustang in the adjoining pasture


Thank you Dad for coming along with us on this adventure!  It was nice to finally have a break from the 100 degree temperatures and we could enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Flint Hills.  Enjoyed our lunch at Our Cassoday Country Store, we will have to go back on Catfish Friday!!  Thankful for our time together♥



Weekend in the Flint Hills

We spent a couple of days in the Flint Hills around Cottonwood Falls, one of my favorite places to be.  It was a very cool rainy weekend.

Most of the pastures have been burnt,  the grass is so beautiful and green.  The tallgrass prairies of the Flint Hills are so beautiful any season.

Cattle of the Flint Hills


Mr. Farmer, we should get some Longhorns!





Clements, KS

In 1862 a post office was established at Silver Creek (not a ghost town, it’s considered an extinct town).  The rail road came thru the area in 1871 and in 1881 the post office was moved to Crawfordsville, which was renamed to Clements in 1884.


Double Arch Stone Bridge built in 1887


Abandoned beautiful majestic home.  South of Cottonwood Falls


Bushong, Lyon County,  KS.  In 1880 the railroad constructed a depot in a pasture, a town developed beside the track.  Originally called Weeks – it was changed by the railroad crew to Bushong, in honor of a baseball payer, Al “Doc” Bushong.  They also named another town in Lyon County after a baseball player, Comiskey.  At one time there was over 150 residents calling Bushong home, now there are less than 40.  A fire in the 1920’s destroyed a large portion of the town, buildings were never rebuilt.  The railroad has abandoned the track and the railbed is now a nature trail.

This building served as a gas station and tavern.





This guy calls Bushong home.  He was so beautiful, but noisy!!  He didn’t want me getting too close!







Deep Creek Waterfall

I don’t know if he still makes custom boots and saddles, but his sign let me know we were on our way to Deep Creek.  I should of stopped, I like custom boots!!


This is Chris Barr’s Cabin

The sign by the road said:

Cabin was found in house when house was torn down in 1962

Refurbished by Zendale Senior Citizens 1992




Deep Creek Waterfall is located at Pillsbury Crossing along Deep Creek.  Named for J.H Pillsbury who settled here in 1855.  A low water crossing, a drive of 100′ through a few inches of water.  It is impassable during high water.  The 59 acres were donated to Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks in 1967, it is one of the most scenic areas of the Northern Flint Hills.

Pillsbury Crossing at Deep Creek


Deep Creek Waterfall, yes you are in Kansas!!  And yes there were SNAKES!!  Okay, I only saw ONE, but I had to look at it more than once to make sure it was still there so that counts for SNAKES.  I took a picture of it, but I was SO far away,  running the other direction with Wylie in one arm and trying to take the photo.  It was just a blur.



Up on the bank on the north side of the falls, a great view of the crossing and falls.  There is a short hiking trail, good fishing and during normal flow you can canoe or kayak, no swimming.  Camping only by special permit.



Weekend Trip

Herrington City Lake on a cold snowy day.  I saw a couple of eagles, but couldn’t get a good picture of them.


Cedar Point, KS


I liked the old bicycle by the door.




Cedar Point is located in Chase County, KS  Population 28

Drinkwater & Schriver Mill  This mill has been purchased and is currently being renovated.


Another Lark Inn property in Cottonwood Falls. This is Fox Hollow, as with all their properties, a wonderful place to stay!!  Comfortable 2 bedroom cottage, within walking distance to downtown Cottonwood.  We ate at Ad Astra Food and Drink, and also at the Grand Central Hotel, so good!!


A trip to this area wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve.

Lower Fox Creek School


Flint Hills

I always love spending time in the Flint Hills.  I stayed at another property owned by Lark Inn, as usual it was a very comfortable and certainly enjoyed our stay.

Lark Inn on Main, Cottonwood Falls, KS


On the way home I had planned on hiking at the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, but the weather had changed and I wasn’t prepared for the cooler temperatures!  I did explore around the Lower Fox Creek School



Bichet School District 34, Florence, KS

There was a time in Kansas history, when a one room school house was built in almost every township, approximately 3 miles apart.  They stood on an acre of ground donated by a farmer and built with public funds.  Low enrollment and consolidation forced the closing of Kansas’ one room school houses in the 1950’s and 60’s.

The Bichet School District 34 was built in 1896.  Along with the one room school house, are two outhouses and a stone cave, all constructed of native limestone.  Two students were attending the Bichet School when it closed in 1946.  The school served the French settlement 4 miles east of Florence, KS.  The Bichet School District 34 is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.DSC01930DSC01933DSC02217DSC02212DSC01937DSC01929


Bazaar and Matfield Green, Chase County, KS

A post office was established April 1860 at Bazaar, Kansas,  in July of 1876 the post office was renamed Mary (in honor of the postmaster’s wife) then changed back to Bazaar 2 years later.    On March 31, 1931 TWA Flight 599 crashed southwest of town, killing all 8 on board, including Notre Dame football coach Knute Rockne.  There is a memorial along the Kansas Turnpike and also at the crash site, which is on private land.  With the arrival of the railroad, Bazaar became a major shipping point for cattle.  The school that as built along what is now Highway 177 closed when it consolidated with Cottonwood Falls, and it now serves as a community center.


Matfield Green, KS is named after Matfield, England.  A post office was established here in 1867 it closed in 1995.  Around the turn of the 19th century this was a town of 350 residents.  There was a bank, grocery store, livery and blacksmith, hardware store, flour mill, lumber yard, hotel and schools.  2010 census is 47. Matfield Green is located in the beautiful Flints Hills and there are 2 ranches nearby on the Nation Register of Historical Places, the Crocker Ranch and Pioneer Bluffs Ranch.