Perfect Day To Be On The Backroads

After being inside due to sub zero temperatures, it was so nice to see a day with no wind and in the 60’s. Perfect day to head to one of my favorite parts of Kansas. Post Rock country in Lincoln County, and parts of western Ottawa County.

Wide open spaces

Remains of a stone fence

Root cellar

Wylie and a big round rock.

6 thoughts on “Perfect Day To Be On The Backroads

  1. shoreacres

    My gracious! Wylie found a concretion! Rock City is famous for these. The article I linked has some information about how they’re formed, and other details. I see Rock City’s in Lincoln County, so it makes sense.

    Not only that, I have a brand new book on my desk titled Land of the Post Rock! I ordered it from the University of Kansas Press, and just got it. If I can’t travel right now, I can study up. I love that you’re roaming the very land I’m planning to visit — some day. I’m going to pull out my photos from my visit to the “rock byway” and write about that, too. So many topics, so little time!

    I’m so glad you have some nice weather now. We’re going to cool off a bit, but no one’s complaining about the 50s and 60s. That’s just about perfect weather, and it sure beats 18F!
    Enjoy your roaming!

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      Oh I love going to Rock City. The rock on the photo is south of Lincoln, KS. I had a puzzle made out of a photo of my grandkids and Wylie sitting on a rock at Rock City. It’s hard to put together but it so worth it!

      I have the book you just received. I had to replace mine as I loaned it out and never got it back. It is wonderful and so informative. I love Post Rock as much as I love the Flint Hills!!

      I have such a hard time posting in the new format that WordPress is using. The old way was so much easier. Maybe I’ll catch on!

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      1. shoreacres

        You still can use the old, Classic editor! I do — and you can edit in it, too. There’s a trick to finding it. Tomorrow I’ll send along instructions on how to do it. It’s not hard at all, and it’s ever so much better than using that silly Block editor!

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      It’s amazing you mentioned that, as I was going thru photos the other day and came across pictures from that day. What a wonderful time that was!!!!!! We really discovered some neat places! Are you ready for another trip up that way?!?

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