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Neosho Falls, KS

Neosho Falls, Woodson County, KS is located along the Neosho River in the southeast part of the State.  Settlers arrived in the early 1850’s settling on land that was part of the New York Indian Reserve.  It was never occupied by the Indians and in 1860 the US Government put it up for homesteading.

Neosho Falls was a transportation center being located at the junction of 2 railroads and the Neosho River.  Retail business at one time were banks, motels, flour mill, saw mill and sorghum mill.  The city suffered numerous set backs as electricity replaced water power, disastrous flooding, and the Depression.



Prosperity returned when oil was discovered in 1937.  Anticipating new growth a large elementary and high school was built.  But another flood destroyed much of the town in 1957.





This looks like a quiet street, but I was amazed at the traffic that was in town.  They were mostly headed to the river, where they would drive out to the gravel bars, park and then float around or fish.  I saw a fisherman out standing in the river in water up to his neck, only his head and arms holding his pole were visible, one way to keep cool!  The residents do not need a big pool or spray parks, they have the beautiful river!

Current population is 141.  One resident is quoted as saying “Neosho Falls may not be the boom town that is once was, but, we like it just the way it is”.  I can understand why they like their town!



Butcher Falls, Sedan, KS


Located in Chautauqua County, KS just off highway 99 near Sedan KS, on the 8,000 acre Red Buffalo Ranch is Butcher Falls.


Water from the Middle Caney Creek flows over rounded limestone rocks – dropping 10 feet, creating a beautiful Kansas waterfall.


The bunk house that is by the creek in the trees is available for rent.  What a great place to have a family gathering!!  Family – I’m making plans:)




The ranch also has a herd of buffalo, but we didn’t see them today.  Another trip is planned in a few weeks to this area!

Deep Creek Waterfall

I don’t know if he still makes custom boots and saddles, but his sign let me know we were on our way to Deep Creek.  I should of stopped, I like custom boots!!


This is Chris Barr’s Cabin

The sign by the road said:

Cabin was found in house when house was torn down in 1962

Refurbished by Zendale Senior Citizens 1992




Deep Creek Waterfall is located at Pillsbury Crossing along Deep Creek.  Named for J.H Pillsbury who settled here in 1855.  A low water crossing, a drive of 100′ through a few inches of water.  It is impassable during high water.  The 59 acres were donated to Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks in 1967, it is one of the most scenic areas of the Northern Flint Hills.

Pillsbury Crossing at Deep Creek


Deep Creek Waterfall, yes you are in Kansas!!  And yes there were SNAKES!!  Okay, I only saw ONE, but I had to look at it more than once to make sure it was still there so that counts for SNAKES.  I took a picture of it, but I was SO far away,  running the other direction with Wylie in one arm and trying to take the photo.  It was just a blur.



Up on the bank on the north side of the falls, a great view of the crossing and falls.  There is a short hiking trail, good fishing and during normal flow you can canoe or kayak, no swimming.  Camping only by special permit.



Weekend Trip

Herrington City Lake on a cold snowy day.  I saw a couple of eagles, but couldn’t get a good picture of them.


Cedar Point, KS


I liked the old bicycle by the door.




Cedar Point is located in Chase County, KS  Population 28

Drinkwater & Schriver Mill  This mill has been purchased and is currently being renovated.


Another Lark Inn property in Cottonwood Falls. This is Fox Hollow, as with all their properties, a wonderful place to stay!!  Comfortable 2 bedroom cottage, within walking distance to downtown Cottonwood.  We ate at Ad Astra Food and Drink, and also at the Grand Central Hotel, so good!!


A trip to this area wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve.

Lower Fox Creek School


Elk Falls, KS

Elk Falls, is located in Elk County, KS.  It is named after the falls that are located near the town on the Elk River.  Elk Falls claims to be the World’s Largest Living Ghost Town with a population of approximately 100,  and also the Outhouse Capital of the World.

I love this sign that directs you to the falls.




There is a well travel path that takes you from the bridge down to the river.




This outhouse says it all!  Friday and Saturday before Thanksgiving they give outhouse tours.



Beaumont Hotel, Kansas and Flint Hills along 177

The Beaumont Hotel is located in Beaumont, KS in Butler County, KS. The hotel was built in 1879 as a railroad hotel.  Across the street from the hotel is a wooden 1885 Frisco water tower,  once used to service steam locomotives, one of the last remaining water tower of its kind in the US.  In the 1940’s business men would land their planes on Main Street to check their cattle.  The hotel purchased some land on the east side of town in 1953  and put in a grass landing strip.  Pilots now taxi up Main Street to park at the bent prop parking lot.  Cars must yield to aircraft!DSC01079





This is a day trip that I will take again.  It was such a cloudy, foggy, drizzly day.  Just south of Beaumont is the Elk River Wind Project.  There are 150 windmills situated on 8,000 acres.  I couldn’t see any of them.


I think I will take another road!!!  DSC01087


DSC01090 DSC01093

A couple of wild horses along the road between Rosalia and Cassoday.  There is a herd of 2000 wild horses just to the south of Cassoday.



Matfield Station, Matfield Green, KS  is a former railroad bunkhouse that has been converted into a lodge.




Cottonwood Falls, KS



Cottonwood Falls and Strong City, KS are only seperated by a couple of miles.  When you are in this area you have to stop at the Ad Astra restaurant.  Such a great place!!!!