Dominator 3

If you see this in your area, you should be concerned!  Luckily for us it was just passing through.

Reed Timmer, a meterologist, has built a series of vehicles for storm chasing.  The heavily modified Ford F-350, at a cost of $750,000, is built to withstand EF5 tornado winds of up to 200 mph. Click here  to read more about the Dominator 3

Dominator 3

Wylie could be their mascot.  Run Toto run!


5 thoughts on “Dominator 3

  1. shoreacres

    The ‘joke’ in my part of the country is that when Jim Cantore shows up, it’s time to go the other way. He was in a Hilton Hotel right across the lake from me during Hurricane Ike — but I watched his broadcast on tv, in a town three hundred miles away!

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