Happy Summer

Officially the first day of summer, it arrived last night at 10:31pm.  It certainly doesn’t feel like summer, it’s only in the mid 80’s.  After a week of scorching temperatures, our high was 106.  That was hot.  Wheat harvest has started, but was slowed a bit today after some showers last night.

The sky was so blue with bright puffy clouds.  Just had to get out!!

Grader ditch with old fashion day lilies

Wheat field ready to be cut

The cattle need a bigger shade tree

Less traveled backroad


2 thoughts on “Happy Summer

  1. shoreacres

    Those are wonderful photos. The road is my favorite, but the wheat’s a close second. I understand those cattle. Down here, the joke is that every fence post has a jackrabbit huddled in its shadow in summer!

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      Thank you! I like the road photo too. It’s not a road we walk but definitely will explore it on foot sometime.
      Oh I love jackrabbits. We seldom see them in these parts, but when we do it so exciting!! They are abundant out in western Kansas!
      It is so WINDY and very comfort temperature today, lots of wheat being cut.



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