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Grave Hunting

A while back I was up at a great Antique store visiting with the owner, talking about blogging and traveling around, she asked me if I knew about the website Find A Grave.  She said I really should look into it.  Here is a link to their site:  Find A Grave 

I signed up!!  Anyone can go on the site and request a photo of a grave, then you are sent an email notice that there has been a request.  If you want you can “claim” it and then you have a few days to go locate and photograph the grave.  Yesterday Wylie and I went to locate 2 graves.  These were burials from 1930’s so they were easier to locate than some older graves.  The site’s mobile app is great.  When you are out and about, it’s so easy to look up the nearby cemeteries to see if there are any requests for photos.

I just received my new Reba McIntyre album “Sing It Now:  Songs of Faith & Hope”  I can’t wait to go out hunting again with her hymns guiding us along!

This was not one of the graves we located, but I couldn’t pass up this beautiful monument.

Unmeasured Journeys recently posted some beautiful Angels.  You can view them here: Angels