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Good News

This is good news!! Located in Durham, KS (population 112) is one of the best places to eat. It had been closed due to the floods last year. I was so happy to see this sign that it’s open again.

Home cooking at its best.

Main Street Cafe & Bakery hours: closed Sunday and Monday, open Tuesday thru Saturday 7am-2pm

Main Street Durham

Such a beautiful clock.

I was here on Sunday, but will make sure I get back for a great meal. We’ll meet you there!

Beaumont Hotel, Kansas and Flint Hills along 177

The Beaumont Hotel is located in Beaumont, KS in Butler County, KS. The hotel was built in 1879 as a railroad hotel.  Across the street from the hotel is a wooden 1885 Frisco water tower,  once used to service steam locomotives, one of the last remaining water tower of its kind in the US.  In the 1940’s business men would land their planes on Main Street to check their cattle.  The hotel purchased some land on the east side of town in 1953  and put in a grass landing strip.  Pilots now taxi up Main Street to park at the bent prop parking lot.  Cars must yield to aircraft!DSC01079





This is a day trip that I will take again.  It was such a cloudy, foggy, drizzly day.  Just south of Beaumont is the Elk River Wind Project.  There are 150 windmills situated on 8,000 acres.  I couldn’t see any of them.


I think I will take another road!!!  DSC01087


DSC01090 DSC01093

A couple of wild horses along the road between Rosalia and Cassoday.  There is a herd of 2000 wild horses just to the south of Cassoday.



Matfield Station, Matfield Green, KS  is a former railroad bunkhouse that has been converted into a lodge.




Cottonwood Falls, KS



Cottonwood Falls and Strong City, KS are only seperated by a couple of miles.  When you are in this area you have to stop at the Ad Astra restaurant.  Such a great place!!!!