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Hay’s Ready

It’s been quite a week in Kansas weather wise.  There were sever weather warnings issued  everyday.  The brome grass is ready to be cut, as soon as the fields dry out they will be cutting and baling hay.  It’s wonderful to see a beautiful partly cloudy Kansas sky, instead of one filled with storm clouds!



Wednesday, May 25th there was a large tornado that form just to the east of us.  It was on the ground for over an hour and was up to 1/2 mile wide.  It stayed mostly over rural areas, damaging around 25 homes, some that no longer exist. The tornado narrowly missed Chapman, which was devastated by a tornado in 2008.

This is the backside of the tornadic storm.  It was amazing to watch the thunderhead grow so rapidly.


There are many videos of the tornado that occurred that day, search for:  Kansas tornado May 25, 2016, Dickinson County


Butcher Falls, Sedan, KS


Located in Chautauqua County, KS just off highway 99 near Sedan KS, on the 8,000 acre Red Buffalo Ranch is Butcher Falls.


Water from the Middle Caney Creek flows over rounded limestone rocks – dropping 10 feet, creating a beautiful Kansas waterfall.


The bunk house that is by the creek in the trees is available for rent.  What a great place to have a family gathering!!  Family – I’m making plans:)




The ranch also has a herd of buffalo, but we didn’t see them today.  Another trip is planned in a few weeks to this area!

Morning Chores

With Mr. Farmer on a trip, I get to do the morning chores.  I don’t make it out quite as early as they’re use to being fed, so they are certainly glad to see me!

Champ is waiting by his bucket.  He is now the only horse, as Dozy is now with a young lady and will be her barrel racing horse.  She will enjoy that!DSC03583

This trio is always entertaining.  Chili, Will, and Bill all wait patiently each by their own bucket.

Chili, miniature donkey


Will and Bill

Will, the white and black, is a fainting goat.  He doesn’t faint for very long, he comes to just as you are about to get his collar on, hang on, this could be a rodeo!

Will’s thoughts:  Would you PLEASE quite taking pictures and FEED US


Even though there are 2 buckets for them, they like to eat out of one and head butt each other!


I don’t have the large flock of hens that I use to have, it’s enough to keep us in eggs and less cleaning for me!

left to right:  Jacquie, Thelma and Louise, or Louise and Thelma, I can’t tell them apart!  Miss Kitty was already in the nesting box so I didn’t bother her.


Mac, 8 week old rooster that a dear friend gave me.  He lived in town, NO roosters allowed!  I’m glad he is here, can’t wait till he starts crowing!


Enjoy you day!  It’s beautiful on the prairie in Kansas, finally some sun!


Weekend in the Flint Hills

We spent a couple of days in the Flint Hills around Cottonwood Falls, one of my favorite places to be.  It was a very cool rainy weekend.

Most of the pastures have been burnt,  the grass is so beautiful and green.  The tallgrass prairies of the Flint Hills are so beautiful any season.

Cattle of the Flint Hills


Mr. Farmer, we should get some Longhorns!





Clements, KS

In 1862 a post office was established at Silver Creek (not a ghost town, it’s considered an extinct town).  The rail road came thru the area in 1871 and in 1881 the post office was moved to Crawfordsville, which was renamed to Clements in 1884.


Double Arch Stone Bridge built in 1887


Abandoned beautiful majestic home.  South of Cottonwood Falls


Bushong, Lyon County,  KS.  In 1880 the railroad constructed a depot in a pasture, a town developed beside the track.  Originally called Weeks – it was changed by the railroad crew to Bushong, in honor of a baseball payer, Al “Doc” Bushong.  They also named another town in Lyon County after a baseball player, Comiskey.  At one time there was over 150 residents calling Bushong home, now there are less than 40.  A fire in the 1920’s destroyed a large portion of the town, buildings were never rebuilt.  The railroad has abandoned the track and the railbed is now a nature trail.

This building served as a gas station and tavern.





This guy calls Bushong home.  He was so beautiful, but noisy!!  He didn’t want me getting too close!







Warm Weather = Cold Coffee

I love coffee, just smelling it brings me comfort and makes me smile.  With the warmer weather I’ve been wanting some iced coffee.  Just putting ice in my regular brewed coffee doesn’t taste the same as cold brew coffee. I assembled all the parts for my Toddy Cold Brew system, first you insert the cork stopper, (that is after you try to whittle down a wine cork, because you can’t remember where you placed it)  into the bottom of the container, then insert the filter.  Now you are ready to add the water and coffee!!!  To 12 ounces of coffee add 7 cups of water.  It smells divine.  You get to smell this for 12 hours.  Just leave it sitting on the countertop.

Bubbles? Fermentation?  I love fermented drinks:)


After 12 hours remove the cork stopper and place on top of the glass decanter and wait for it to filter.



It’s READY!  The coffee concentrate will stay fresh for up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator.  I dispose of the grind in my flower bed (and for future reference the cork is in the small canister!).


I put a bit of chocolate in my cup.  The add-ins are endless.  Sweetened condensed milk, french vanilla creamer, Kalua………….


The Toddy Cold Brew System is made in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Here is a link to their website and there are lots of recipes too.