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Around the Farm January 5

I’m going to use my Farmers’ Almanac to start a fire. How could they be right in predicting this cold snowy weather?!? I don’t know how much snow we received as it’s blowing and drifting. Wylie and I went out this morning at 4:30 ( his idea not mine) and was surprised that the paper had been delivered. We didn’t go back out until 9 to do our chores, that way the hens would be done laying their eggs. They are still keeping us supplied with plenty of eggs! I didn’t let them outside today, it’s way to windy and cold, we would have to shovel their run again, as they don’t like their feet in the snow. They are very comfortable and content in their coop. Always glad to see me because I’m giving them lots of extra healthy and nutritious treats, meal worms, homemade flock block, and some milo heads that we gathered after they harvested the field.

The goats are doing fine. They have their hay hut, which Bill uses to get over the fence into the horses hay.

Enjoy the pictures, I’m staying inside the rest of the day (maybe) cooking comfort food, old fashion pot roast with potatoes, carrots and onions and butterscotch pudding.