Red Buds and Eagles

It was a cool overcast day, a trip to the lake sounded like a great way to pass the day. I was surprised how many others had the same idea! The campgrounds (that were open) were almost full. The adults were sitting around the campfires all bundled up in their winter coats. All the kids were running around play, riding bikes and not on their electronic devices. There were numerous Boy Scouts troops camping. The hiking trails were also busy. Wonderful to see so many out enjoying nature!!

The Redbud trees have been especially beautiful this year. They are native to this region of Kansas.

The eagles are back on their nest. They have used this nest for several years.

8 thoughts on “Red Buds and Eagles

  1. shoreacres

    Those redbuds are glorious! Our didn’t bloom particularly well this year, since the Great February Freeze arrived just in time to nip the flower buds on a variety of trees. That makes it even more pleasant to see yours — maybe one region’s loss is another’s gain.

    The planting’s going on here, with corn and rice already up. The crawfish finally are crawling up from the ground where they took shelter during the cold, and the alligators are out of the mud, too. It’s one of our best signs of spring!

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      Oh my goodness!!! That would be wild enjoying spring with crawfish and gators! Wylie would probably eat the crawfish, he eats locust, eats them right off the tree trunks! I limit his intake of those!! I’m noticing that some of my plants didn’t survive the February freeze. We have the risk of frost for the next few nights. That could do a lot of damage this time of year.

      I can’t find the classics editor version! The WP Admin is gone. Am I missing it? Worked last time. But I did okay with the new one.

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      It will be interesting to see how this late winter storm tracks. Maybe it won’t be too bad. We will see. It was such a pretty spring, but we were starting to see how many plants we had lost to the bitter cold we had in February.



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