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Beautiful Sunrise Prelude To A Snow Storm

I’m going to be wary of beautiful sunrises!! The weather system started as rain and changed to snow.  I think we had 5″.  It love being outside when everything is covered with snow, it’s SO peaceful and calming, as long as the wind isn’t howling and I’m all bundled up and not freezing.

No patio dining.





Autumn Crops

Kansas is known for being a wheat state.  Producing 467,400,000 bushel of wheat in 2016.  Kansas also produces milo, corn, soybeans…….

You will occasionally see a field of cotton in Kansas.




I didn’t know what this crop was.  Neither did the Sheriff who pulled up in the ditch with his red lights on, know what it was. (Just checking to make sure Wylie and I were okay.)  Thanks to all the law enforcement officers, we really appreciate you!!!


Standing around 5′ tall


It’s canola.



I Thought Summer Was Over

Today certainly hasn’t felt like autumn, the temperature is in the 90’s, the air conditioners are running again, and there is a strong south westerly wind, blowing in the smoke from the wildfires out by Pueblo, Colorado.  Come back Autumn!!

Praying for the safety of the firefighters and everyone who is in the path of the fire.




Rolling In

After a LOT of days of hot humid weather, this morning was a welcoming break.  I was outside working in my butterfly garden at 6:30!!  No mosquitoes, a nice cool east breeze and this cloud to the north rolling in.  It looked like it could be packing heavy rain and wind, but thankfully we received just less than 1/2″ of rain, no wind.  The day stayed cool until around 3 and I was able to spend that time outdoors.  I’m so much “nicer” when it’s not hot!  I know, summer has just started, but I’m the spring/fall type.




Dirty Grey Horse

We’ve been having a lot of rain, thankfully the temperatures have been staying above freezing and it is a much welcome December rain.  Our neighbor has some beautiful grey horses and I was so surprised to look out this morning the see such a dirty grey horse.DSC02734

I looked out a little while later after the rain, and there was the beautiful CLEAN grey horse.


Ok, Mr. Monte you got me on this one.  You put a sorrel in with the greys!!