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Beautiful Sunrise Today

It is such a beautiful sunrise today.  We have been enjoying sunny warm days with highs in the 50’s and 60’s.  It’s been wonderful being able to go for long walks and being outside, but there is a change coming…..

Have a wonderful blessed day



Weekend Trip

Herrington City Lake on a cold snowy day.  I saw a couple of eagles, but couldn’t get a good picture of them.


Cedar Point, KS


I liked the old bicycle by the door.




Cedar Point is located in Chase County, KS  Population 28

Drinkwater & Schriver Mill  This mill has been purchased and is currently being renovated.


Another Lark Inn property in Cottonwood Falls. This is Fox Hollow, as with all their properties, a wonderful place to stay!!  Comfortable 2 bedroom cottage, within walking distance to downtown Cottonwood.  We ate at Ad Astra Food and Drink, and also at the Grand Central Hotel, so good!!


A trip to this area wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve.

Lower Fox Creek School


Howard, KS

Howard, Kansas is the county seat of Elk County.  Founded in 1870, Howard is named after Oliver Howard who was a Civil War General of the Union Army. Current population  is approximately 700.

Elk County Courthouse, Howard, KS


Filling Station




Howard National Bank

I didn’t open an account here, but what a beautiful building!


Kansas has so many beautiful barns.  This one is just north of Howard.


USB Outlet

We started out the morning with a COLD 4 degrees.  Coldest morning we’ve had this winter.  When the days are this cold, Mr. Farmer stays pretty close to the fire and is able to get the projects done in the house.  He is replacing a regular outlet with a USB receptacle.


We bought these at Lowe’s.  The one he put in the kitchen is a 20 amp.  (Not that I know the difference, just repeating what I heard.)  The 15 amp will be placed somewhere else.


I love cookbooks and have quite a collection.  I have some of my grandmother’s and my mom’s,  I have a lot of their handwritten recipe cards also.  I don’t want to ever stop using my cookbooks, I like to write notes about the recipes.  Some notes:  “don’t every make this again” or “this is  (your name here)’s  favorite!!!”


I find myself more and more using my (well, actually it’s Wylie’s) iPad for recipes.  It’s the biggest cookbook ever.  Sometimes it helps having a video to show you exactly what to do and I like reading the reviews of the recipes.  I’m really going to like my USB outlet, seems like my  (Wylie’s) iPad or phone is always needing charged.  Thanks Mr. Farmer;)


Why does Wylie have his own iPad? …….that’s a post for another day.

Back Roads to Maxwell


I had my day all planned out, and none of what I had planned worked out.  It is a cool, breezy overcast day and the place I was wanting to go in the Flint Hills would be better photographed on a clear day.  Wylie and I loaded up and took the back roads over to Maxwell Wildlife Refuge near Canton, Kansas.  Here’s what we saw today.


Abandoned bridge outside of Assaria, KSDSC02853

I didn’t find any information on Hallville, KS.  There is one home currently occupied, I could find no other remains of any buildings.  It was along an abandoned train track.


Olive Springs School was built in 1885 and was used as a school until 1947.  It is now an art gallery displaying the painting and prints of a local artist, Maleta Forsberg.




Bridge near the entrance to Maxwell Wildlife Refuge


Maxwell Wildlife Refuge is home to 200 head of bison and 50 elk.  They roam free on the 2800 acre natural prairie.



Just west of the Refuge is McPherson State fishing lake, where we saw this lone eagle.






Exploring just West of Home

It was so beautiful that I just had to get out!  Just a few minutes from home there is this old sandstone homestead.  It sits in a great location, out in the middle of a pasture with sandstone bluffs to the south.  What a beautiful place to live and raise a family.  DSC02835


Wide open spaces


You never know who is watching you!


Sandstone formation


The barn is the only thing left of this homestead.  Built in 1910



Old barn with a rock fence


Another abandoned homestead, they have cleared the trees from around this home.  Maybe someone will fix it up.





Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

As we close the year 2015 some of our loved ones are no longer with us.  I love you and miss you mom.  Now we being a wonderful New Year, please know that I love my family and friends very much and this is my prayer for you.  Blessingsimage