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Have a Blessed Sunday

There are so many beautiful abandoned churches, this is St. Joseph’s Church and Cemetery .  Built in 1910 and decommissioned as a church in the late 1980’s  There is an effort to restore the church and it will then serve as a museum for McDowell Creek area a community center.  The Geary County Historical Society and Friends of the St. Joseph’s Church has made many improvements to the beautiful church


The cemetery has burials dating from the 1870’s.



Spray Plane

I was on my way to Lucas, the Grassroots Art Capital of Kansas, it was their city wide garage sale day.  Now you could count on one hand the times I’ve gone to a garage sale in the last couple of decades, but it was an excuse to go to Lucas.   Guess who I met on the back road today…..

We are on the flight path of a spray plane that is out of a small town north of us.  He roars over our house almost daily this time of year.  Today I came across him spraying a wheat field, was able to get some photos of him working.




Thanks for the flyby.  Be careful up there!!!


My first stop at Lucas.  Aunt Gertie’s Art & Antiques, located across the road from The Garden of Eden.   Her hours are:  Open Friday and Saturday, Maybe Monday – Tuesday – Probably Wednesday – Thursday  She is closed Sunday

I purchased a few pieces for my garden art and a beautiful pink vase for the girls (will look so pretty in the chicken house).  Great little store.


A few more garage sales stops and girl scouts selling cookies. Then home to plant some flower seeds and put my new garden art in the butterfly garden.  I hope you are enjoying your beautiful Saturday.







Deep Creek Waterfall

I don’t know if he still makes custom boots and saddles, but his sign let me know we were on our way to Deep Creek.  I should of stopped, I like custom boots!!


This is Chris Barr’s Cabin

The sign by the road said:

Cabin was found in house when house was torn down in 1962

Refurbished by Zendale Senior Citizens 1992




Deep Creek Waterfall is located at Pillsbury Crossing along Deep Creek.  Named for J.H Pillsbury who settled here in 1855.  A low water crossing, a drive of 100′ through a few inches of water.  It is impassable during high water.  The 59 acres were donated to Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks in 1967, it is one of the most scenic areas of the Northern Flint Hills.

Pillsbury Crossing at Deep Creek


Deep Creek Waterfall, yes you are in Kansas!!  And yes there were SNAKES!!  Okay, I only saw ONE, but I had to look at it more than once to make sure it was still there so that counts for SNAKES.  I took a picture of it, but I was SO far away,  running the other direction with Wylie in one arm and trying to take the photo.  It was just a blur.



Up on the bank on the north side of the falls, a great view of the crossing and falls.  There is a short hiking trail, good fishing and during normal flow you can canoe or kayak, no swimming.  Camping only by special permit.



Continuing in Lincoln, County

I have already posted about Lucas but I wanted to get some more photos of the Best Place to Go  (Lucas’ public restroom).  Lucas is home of the  No.2   Restroom In The Country 2014.  Constructed in 2008 by a community effort, the building itself is shaped like a toilet.  The big roll of toilet paper forms the sidewalk.DSC03300

As you walk thru the toilet bowl  to the entrance, you are able to see somethings that people flush down. Cell phones, glasses, toys (if you zoom in you will see fish, watches, money, keys, alligator?……… can probably think of some things you’ve lost.  I’ve flushed a fish or two and had to………I’m not confessing to anything more!)  I like the little dog drinking out of the bowl ewwww, I’m thankful Wylie hasn’t ever done that!!


Bottle wall


Women’s Restroom


Mosaic using broken china





Men’s Restroom (Of course I went in!)

Farm Scene



Piano and Dominoes


Hot Wheels mural


What a beautiful place to “go”

Here is a link to the  Finalists

Plan a day trip to Lucas, with a population of around 450, know as the Grassroots Art Capital of Kansas, Garden of Eden and sit along the Post Rock Scenic Byway.  It’s a beautiful part of Kansas.




Lincoln County Again

Lincoln County is one of my FAVORITE places.  It was such a beautiful day, calm day after all the wind we’ve had.  I wished you were with us.

Since the grasses haven’t started growing  I saw numerous root cellars/storm caves.   NO, I didn’t crawl into any of them!!!







All that is left of this home, is a window in the milo stubble.


Ash Grove, KS at one time had a grocery store, lumber yard, blacksmith, hardware store, hotel, church and school.

Limestone arch bridge at Ash Grove


Yard art? or just poor parking?




The wooden frame building was the Pottersburg Church.  It was moved to Ash Grove in 1925.

The church bell is still in the bell tower.


Ash Grove school closed in 1966.  Can you hear the school bell ringing?


To the south of Ash Grove was the site of Pottersburg.


A woman died near Spillman Creek and was buried in the cemetery.  A local man later bought this stone for her.


Continuing south is a place that I came across years ago while exploring with my Mom and Aunt.   It is the only place that I have seen that has limestone clothesline post still standing, I was so happy when I came across it again.  It is absolutely in the middle of no where.  Can’t imagine how awesome it would be living there.   DSC03268

I always loved hanging clothes on the clothesline.


Limestone Double Arch Bridge, no longer used but they preserved it when they re-routed Highway 18.