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Churches of the Prairie 7

I love finding Churches of the Prairie.  Wished I could attend a service in each and every one!

Immanuel Lutheran Church – Shady Brook, KS




Monument, KS


Ash Grove, KS


Methodist Episcopal Church – Talmage, KS


Minneapolis, KS


Alida Upland Parish Church








Cold Front

We just had a cold front roar thru.  Instead of the 90’s tomorrow we will be in the upper 70’s and mid 50’s.  The dust is from the wheat field across the road.  I took this photo just as the storm was coming in. I had to go inside as I couldn’t see!!  I can’t imagine what the Dust Bowl during the 30’s was like.  We did receive 2″ of rain!

I hope this is a sign of an early fall.

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Bridges of Butler County, KS

Butler County, KS is the largest county in the State.  It sits on the western edge of the Flint Hills.  Here is a link to different tours for the area.  Please call ahead, as some of the restaurants have closed.

Butler County, KS Tours

These bridges are best photographed from down below.  I always have jeans and boots on, but there were a few places I didn’t want to go thru as there was a lot of poison ivy!  Thankfully I didn’t see any snakes!  Wylie was in his “pouch” for most of these photos!

Bridge #1

Double Arch   Built in 1912  Arches 20′ and 30′


Bridge #2

Built 1897  25′ Arch


This one is my favorite!  I could have stayed here all day, beautiful rock ledge.

Bridge #3

Built in 1900   37′ Arch


Nice reflection of clouds in the water




Bridge #4

Built in 1899  36′ Arch


Bridge #5

Built 1899  36′ Arch  (I don’t think this one is going to last much longer)


Just down the road from Bridge #5 was this old school.

Lily Lake School  1885-1966  (strange place for a cow!)


Looking forward to continuing this tour of Bridges of Butler County!

Flowers – Woodbine, KS

Woodbine, KS a small town in Dickinson County, KS  Population 170  The town was founded in 1871 originally named Lyons, after a nearby creek.  In 1887 renamed Woodbine, after a town in Illinois.  The railroad also came thru in 1887, ceasing operation in 1980.

Beautiful zinnia garden




Resurrection Lily




School was built 1909 – last graduating class 1962


Rock fence





Churches of the Prairie 5

Continuing with Churches of the Prairie

Historic Baptist Church – Downs, KS


Church – Osborne, KS


St. Boniface – Tipton, KS


Grotto at St.Boniface – Tipton, KS


Bunker Hill, KS


Upper Fall River Evangelical Lutheran Church – Greenwood County, KS





Wylie’s Charity Photo Shoot

Every year Wylie does a photo shoot for the Love, Chloe Foundation through our local photographer, Jane with Forever Memories.  It is an amazing foundation that provides support for families in Central Kansas who have a child with cancer.  Here is a link to their website:

Love, Chloe Foundation 


I liked the photo so much and asked to see it in sepia.  Really like the way it look, and decided to do it on canvas.  This photo was also featured on the Facebook page of Double D Ranchwear, who sells the Trapper by Lane cowboy boot.

Good boy ❤️  🐾

IMG_2199 sepia logo [355940]







Victory School

Today marks the one year passing of my precious mother.  It’s so hard to lose the one who loves you the most.  Thanks for always being there for us and thanks for loving us Mom.

Love and Miss you Mom †

While traveling along the back roads not too far from where my mother grew up, I saw a little building, abandoned but still proudly standing on the prairie, it was an old schoolhouse.   I never knew where she went to grade school, but I knew the name of the school was Victory.

District 56 was organized in 1872.  Twenty seven students attended the first three month school term.  The school was moved from the original location as more students lived in the western part of the district.


In 1877, District 56 was known as Liberty School.  They were competing in a spelling bee with four other schools and the only two remaining students, both from District 56 didn’t have to compete against each other, their school became known as Victory School.

Undated photo of Victory School from private collection


The school board voted in 1882 to move the school house once again.  Not everyone on the board was in favor of the location.  A group of patrons decided to move the school a mile west to the side of the district that they thought was more populated.   At night they hitched four yoke of oxen to the building, then notified the opposition that they were going to move it.  By the time the sheriff from Abilene arrived in the middle of the night, the school had been set on its new foundation.


April 29, 1949 the board of Victory school decided to close the school.  My Aunt was one of the 5 students attending the final school term at Victory.


Students of Victory School Dickinson County, KS

My mom is second from the left, her little sister is the first one on the right.

Undated photo from private collection


Some information on Victory School was taken from a booklet composed for the Victory School Reunion


Churches of the Prairie 4

Churches of the Prairie, some of these churches are still offering services others are not.

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church – Solomon, KS


St. Paul’s Lutheran – South of  Junction City, KS


Gem, KS


Neosho Falls, KS –  Methodist Church


Catholic Church – South of Manhattan, KS







Bodarc, KS

Named after the Osage Orange Tree which is common on the Plains, Bodarc or Bois d’ Arc, KS was an unofficial community founded in 1875.  The community had a mill, general store, school house, church and cemetery.



General Store


Rock Fence