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Dominator 3

If you see this in your area, you should be concerned!  Luckily for us it was just passing through.

Reed Timmer, a meterologist, has built a series of vehicles for storm chasing.  The heavily modified Ford F-350, at a cost of $750,000, is built to withstand EF5 tornado winds of up to 200 mph. Click here  to read more about the Dominator 3

Dominator 3

Wylie could be their mascot.  Run Toto run!



It has been a hot dry summer (I don’t like the heat anymore), but a nice change came thru today. 1-1/2 inches of rain this morning followed by a beautiful cool day and more rain this evening. So cool out and it smells wonderful. I won’t have to water flowers tonight.

Early morning rain.

Cool day with amazing sky.

Evening storm rolling in.

Cold Front

We just had a cold front roar thru.  Instead of the 90’s tomorrow we will be in the upper 70’s and mid 50’s.  The dust is from the wheat field across the road.  I took this photo just as the storm was coming in. I had to go inside as I couldn’t see!!  I can’t imagine what the Dust Bowl during the 30’s was like.  We did receive 2″ of rain!

I hope this is a sign of an early fall.

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Rolling In

After a LOT of days of hot humid weather, this morning was a welcoming break.  I was outside working in my butterfly garden at 6:30!!  No mosquitoes, a nice cool east breeze and this cloud to the north rolling in.  It looked like it could be packing heavy rain and wind, but thankfully we received just less than 1/2″ of rain, no wind.  The day stayed cool until around 3 and I was able to spend that time outdoors.  I’m so much “nicer” when it’s not hot!  I know, summer has just started, but I’m the spring/fall type.