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Finally A Cool Day

The weather had been so hot.  Highs upper 90’s and into the 100’s.  It wasn’t even cooling off much at night.  Finally, we received some cooler weather and that means “load up” were going somewhere.

Camping at Kanoplis Reservoir, it was like having our own private lake, only 1 other camper in the campgrounds.  We hadn’t been to the lake since the start of summer, as it’s such a busy place with all the campers and boaters and we like to avoid crowds.  It was so nice and cool we were able to take long walks.

Another common thing you see at Kanoplis is the military flying maneuvers, today the  B-2 stealth bombers were flying at the bombing range, which is just east of the lake.  Awesome to see them!!  Just wished I could get a photo of them.

There’s a wild critter in the fork of that tree!

Beautiful sunset