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Dominator 3

If you see this in your area, you should be concerned!  Luckily for us it was just passing through.

Reed Timmer, a meterologist, has built a series of vehicles for storm chasing.  The heavily modified Ford F-350, at a cost of $750,000, is built to withstand EF5 tornado winds of up to 200 mph. Click here  to read more about the Dominator 3

Dominator 3

Wylie could be their mascot.  Run Toto run!


Night Sky

The good think about having a little furry companion is that you get to be outside many nights.  I love seeing the stars, planets, moon and occasional “what’s that”.

Photos were taken two consective nights in early October.  The SpaceX Starlink satellite “train”,  provides global high-speed internet.  When first launched the satellites are all in a close orbit and then become spread apart.  Eventially there is to be 42,000 satellites orbiting in our night sky.

I love how Orion is in this picture.  I only had my iphone and a pup in one arm, just pointing in the general direction of the satellites.  I was so happy and surprised that i was able to get a photo of them!

Finally A Cool Day

The weather had been so hot.  Highs upper 90’s and into the 100’s.  It wasn’t even cooling off much at night.  Finally, we received some cooler weather and that means “load up” were going somewhere.

Camping at Kanoplis Reservoir, it was like having our own private lake, only 1 other camper in the campgrounds.  We hadn’t been to the lake since the start of summer, as it’s such a busy place with all the campers and boaters and we like to avoid crowds.  It was so nice and cool we were able to take long walks.

Another common thing you see at Kanoplis is the military flying maneuvers, today the  B-2 stealth bombers were flying at the bombing range, which is just east of the lake.  Awesome to see them!!  Just wished I could get a photo of them.

There’s a wild critter in the fork of that tree!

Beautiful sunset

Another Beautiful Winter Day

Wylie and I spent another winter day at the lake.  We went to Kanoplis, needing the exercise that the trails offered.

A well-traveled trail.  We were the only ones on the trail, when it’s nice you can expect to see horses and hikers.   


The trails were wonderful to walk, until someone got a sticker in his paw and even though I removed it, he didn’t want to walk on the trail, I had to pack him out.  Mention the word sticker and he will snarl at you!

Beautiful ice sculptures.

Someone built a really nice shelter.

This is our new little exploring vehicle.  After a long hike it’s nice to have a meal and a nap!!  Can’t wait to see all the adventures it will take us on.  Not much longer than a full-sized pickup easy to get around, but you have to watch for low hanging limbs and other objects.

Warm Winter Day

It was a beautiful winter day at the Kanoplis Lake.  I always like to go this time of the year to see the eagles in their nest.  This pair has been coming to this spot for years.  The park closes the trails around their nest.

Temperatures were in the 50’s today, but we’ve had some really cold weather with wind chills in the -10!  Parts of the lake are frozen over.

Wylie, the rock climber, we didn’t make it to the top!

Beautiful sky

So thankful for the nice winter day.  It’s going to change tomorrow and get cold again with only a slight chance of moisture.


Haunted Forest

This was such a unique sound that I hadn’t heard before on our early morning walks. What made it even more interesting was that I had been on the phone the previous day to Dell support in India. When you have their support they “take over” your computer and in no time it’s running again like new!! Amazing, I highly recommend Dell computers and support. The tech saw my home screen and comment how beautiful it was and if that’s where I lived. That started a great conversations about our countries, one of the things he told me about were the monkeys and other wildlife. The first thing I thought about when I heard this sound coming from the trees, monkeys! Of course I know there are no wild monkeys in Kansas. I recorded the sound and sent it to my son. He told me they were Barred owls. It certainly is awesome to hear, I haven’t seen them yet but hopefully we will.

Happy Summer

Officially the first day of summer, it arrived last night at 10:31pm.  It certainly doesn’t feel like summer, it’s only in the mid 80’s.  After a week of scorching temperatures, our high was 106.  That was hot.  Wheat harvest has started, but was slowed a bit today after some showers last night.

The sky was so blue with bright puffy clouds.  Just had to get out!!

Grader ditch with old fashion day lilies

Wheat field ready to be cut

The cattle need a bigger shade tree

Less traveled backroad


Morning Walk

Today was the first cool morning we’ve had all week.  It was wonderful to be out for an early morning walk.

A little sun dog.

We were out just after sunrise.  In fact we woke up a little fawn that was in the tall grass along side the road.  I wasn’t able to get any photos of it as I had to get ahold of Wylie!  The little fawn ran along the road and then went back into the tall grass.  Mom was out in the field watching!!


Cone Flowers  Echinacea growing in the ditch.  Some people use the flower buds and leaves for tea.  I was taught to dig the root for tea.  That’s what I drank last winter to boost my immune system.  Just steep the root and enjoy!!

My therapy.  We are so blessed to be out on the backroads.  No other sounds, just Nature


Headed home from our walk, cowboys were in the pasture gathering cattle.  Beautiful morning to be on horseback.   Wishing you a wonderful blessed day.