Not A Normal Winter

It’s been a while since I posted and the format is completely different. Maybe that’s a good thing? We’ll see.

It hasn’t been our “normal” Kansas winter, (but what is normal anymore?). Mild temps and no moisture. It is wonderful being about to be outside without freezing your fingers and toes. We certainly have enjoyed being out and of course our long walks.

Our drive thru Maxwell Game Preserve. The bull elk were separated (by choice) from the cows. They were peacefully grazing.

On the west side of the preserve is the McPherson County State Lake. There are hiking trails, fishing, also 1 cabin that you can rent. There is some construction on to the west of the lake. It looks like a maybe camp ground is being built.

1 thought on “Not A Normal Winter

  1. shoreacres

    Those elk are magnificent, and the lake scene is just beautiful. I hope you’re not moving into drought, but it’s nice that you’ve been able to be out and about a little more comfortably. Things have been a little complicated around here, for reasons that were completely unrelated to the pandemic; you know it’s been a strange year when things like auto problems are welcome because they take your mind off other things! Here’s the story of the car troubles. At least that’s all better now!

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