Wamego, KS

There are so many little towns in Kansas that are often overlooked as people hurry to get somewhere else.  When I bought my little RV, I had in mind to explore some of these towns.  Wylie and I had been going to the lakes and hiking, but they are getting busier and it’s getting too warm for this old lady and her pup to be out hiking.  Our first stop on our Travel Kansas Tour is…..

Wamego, named for a Potawatomi Native American chief, platted in 1866.

Kansas River at Wamego

Calvin’s RV Camping was a nice shady, quiet rv park.  The owners are so nice!  Our rv is the little black and grey one.  Just the perfect size to drive around and so comfortable for camping.  All the modern conveniences!  We can’t wait to go back!

Our first stop was the park to see the Dutch Mill.  Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Built in the 1870’s north of Wamego, it was used to grind grain until the late 1880’s.  Most of the mills in Kansas were powered by water, the Dutch Mill was powered by wind.  In 1924, the mill was dismantled.  Each stone was numbered and moved by horse-drawn wagons to the city park, where it was reassembled.  The mill is no longer powered by the wind, but has been converted to electricity.

The city park also houses the Wamego Museum and other historical buildings and a little train that runs on a track throughout the park.  In the spring of each year they host a tulip festival.  That would be a beautiful sight!

Toto in Wamego

Numerous places around town you will see artwork from Kansas artist featuring Toto, from the Wizard of Oz.  There are 15 Totos, we have more to photograph, but here is a start.  Thanks Wylie for being so patient with me and posing for so many photos!!

Maggie, the Service Dog by Rhonda Kesner

Patriotic Toto, by Jamie Lynn

Wamegoscape II, by Christina Klein


“Toto”lly Gingham, by Kellie Dillinger

The Lollipop Guild, by Jamie Lynn

Emerald City Toto, by Joyce Abernathy

We aren’t done with our tour of Wamego.  It will be about:

Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY


9 thoughts on “Wamego, KS

    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      We had a great time in Wamego. I was surprised at all there is to do. And it’s not far. Such a friendly and clean town.
      It is nice to have days where the wind isn’t gusting up to 50 mph!


  1. shoreacres

    I almost made it to Wamego! I was in Alma, due south of there, and at the Konza Prairie outside of Manhattan. It looks like a wonderful spot, and how I envy your RV! At this point, I envy your ability to travel. My car’s been grounded for two weeks, waiting for a part lost in the supply chain. The Toyota dealership was saying it would be about the 25th of June before the part arrived, and I just couldn’t stand the thought. So, I got online, and found it — in Olathe, Kansas! It’s being shipped tomorrow, and I’ll have it by Friday or Saturday. Kansas to the rescue!

    One of our nearby towns has a series of pelicans like your Totos. They’re all great fun. I think there were cows in Dallas/Ft. Worth — or are. But Wylie’s clearly the star of the show! What great photos of him — such a good dog!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      You are so resourceful! Awesome that you were able to find the part for your car and the dealer couldn’t!! Never under estimate the power of a woman who wants her car back! Now I know who to call!
      We had planned on a quick stop in Alma, but there really isn’t any quick stops as there is always something to take a picture of or a (cheese) store tempting you. We will return!
      Wylie is very tolerant with me. I know he’s had enough when all I get is a portrait of him. He won’t look at me, not even the word “treat” will get his attention. Enough!!
      Would love to see the pelicans!! I bet there are some really creative ones.

      Liked by 1 person


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