Wylie 11 yrs 10 months.  Photo by Jane at Forever Memories.

Wylie’s photos from a charity shoot taken by Jane at Forever Memories. Thanks Jane, have enjoyed all the great photos you have take of Wylie.   October 2019


My precious boy






8 thoughts on “Wylie

      1. Pan

        Ya know, ppl say my Stewie is spoiled, just looking at him, minding our own biz and ppl pop off with that.. When I ask how could they possibly know if he is or not, they just point at him leaning on my arm or leg.. 😁 I guess that’s a telltale sign.. because he is..


    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      It was so nice meeting you! Your two fur kids are beautiful and so well behaved!!
      Thank you for your concerns for Wylie. I kept him quiet for the rest of the day…..no cat herding! He woke up this morning and no stiffness or lameness. I certainly will research the product you mentioned!!
      That was the first time we had attended the Gypsum Pie and Hot Rod festival. They certainly had a wonderful turn out for the car show and of course great pies and a perfect Kansas day!!



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