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Finally A Cool Day

The weather had been so hot.  Highs upper 90’s and into the 100’s.  It wasn’t even cooling off much at night.  Finally, we received some cooler weather and that means “load up” were going somewhere.

Camping at Kanoplis Reservoir, it was like having our own private lake, only 1 other camper in the campgrounds.  We hadn’t been to the lake since the start of summer, as it’s such a busy place with all the campers and boaters and we like to avoid crowds.  It was so nice and cool we were able to take long walks.

Another common thing you see at Kanoplis is the military flying maneuvers, today the  B-2 stealth bombers were flying at the bombing range, which is just east of the lake.  Awesome to see them!!  Just wished I could get a photo of them.

There’s a wild critter in the fork of that tree!

Beautiful sunset

Another Beautiful Winter Day

Wylie and I spent another winter day at the lake.  We went to Kanoplis, needing the exercise that the trails offered.

A well-traveled trail.  We were the only ones on the trail, when it’s nice you can expect to see horses and hikers.   


The trails were wonderful to walk, until someone got a sticker in his paw and even though I removed it, he didn’t want to walk on the trail, I had to pack him out.  Mention the word sticker and he will snarl at you!

Beautiful ice sculptures.

Someone built a really nice shelter.

This is our new little exploring vehicle.  After a long hike it’s nice to have a meal and a nap!!  Can’t wait to see all the adventures it will take us on.  Not much longer than a full-sized pickup easy to get around, but you have to watch for low hanging limbs and other objects.

Warm Winter Day

It was a beautiful winter day at the Kanoplis Lake.  I always like to go this time of the year to see the eagles in their nest.  This pair has been coming to this spot for years.  The park closes the trails around their nest.

Temperatures were in the 50’s today, but we’ve had some really cold weather with wind chills in the -10!  Parts of the lake are frozen over.

Wylie, the rock climber, we didn’t make it to the top!

Beautiful sky

So thankful for the nice winter day.  It’s going to change tomorrow and get cold again with only a slight chance of moisture.


Tuesday’s Adventure, Wilson & Lucas

Our journey starts out in Wilson, KS the Czech Capital of Kansas.  Such a pretty town that is located off of I-70 at mile marker 206.


Wilson State Bank Building


City Jail and Water Tower


It’s been awhile since I’ve used a phone booth!

Wilson Lake

Known for the clearest water in Kansas, Wilson Lake is one of the better fishing lakes for crappie, walleye and wipers.  The shore line is scenic and rugged.  Unfortunately the lake it is currently at record low.


Lucas, KS



Garden of Eden

DSC00702DSC00697 DSC00698 DSC00704 DSC00703DSC00705

Millers Park

DSC00699DSC00700 DSC00701

Bowl Plaza

This public restroom is amazing!!!  You have got to go…….see this!!

DSC00722 DSC00721


The lid is always open and there’s plenty of paper.  (The roll of toilet paper is right side of first photo.)


Wine Bottles



Women’s Restroom

DSC00711 DSC00712 DSC00709 DSC00710 DSC00713


Men’s  Restroom


DSC00718 DSC00717 DSC00714DSC00715


The chess set, dominoes and piano keys above the door didn’t show up very well.  Love the Hot Wheels mural.  Be sure to click on the photos too see them better.





Farm outside of Sylvan Grove, KS

DSC00725 DSC00724

Excelsior Lutheran Church

This beautiful church can be seen from I-70.  the metal tower at night displays a white cross. Services are held every Sunday at 8:30



Exploring Kansas

Kansas is such a beautiful and diversified state.  From the prairies and farmland to rolling hills and wooded areas, there is such beauty in our natural surroundings.  Wylie and I are taking trips around Kansas, we will be exploring areas off the beaten paths.



A cold dreary February day spent at Milford Lake spotting eagles.  Total eagle count 48



Clay County, KS

Geary County, KS


Abilene, KS Depot



Dorrance, KS then South to Dubuque, KS







St. Catherine Catholic Church, Dubuque, KS