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Buffalo National River, Arkansas

In 1972 the Buffalo River was declared a National River, one of the few remaining free-flowing, undammed river in the lower 48 states.  It originates at the highest part of the Boston Mountains of the Ozarks and flows 135 miles before joining the White River.  The National River is popular for camping, float trips, and fishing.  There are over 100 miles of hiking trails.  The best way to see the river are by the trails or a float trip.  I’m looking forward to a return trip to explore the river!





Parker-Hickman Farmstead



This looks like a trail tree!!


Rocky Mountain Elk were introduced to the region a few years ago.  The herd now numbers around 800.








Thanksgiving Ice Storm

I had forecasted 90 days ago that there would be snow for Thanksgiving.    It is an old wives tale or something that I read in the Farmer’s Almanac that when you have your first fog you will have your first snow in 90 days (it didn’t say anything about an ice storm!).  That foggy morning, I grabbed the calendar and counted ahead 90 days.  Great, it was Thanksgiving Day.  The day that my loving family would be here for dinner.  Thankfully Thanksgiving Day was the best travel day of the Holiday.  We stayed home for most of the holiday weekend, eating leftovers, playing games, and enjoying being together.  Chris, Courtney, Caden and Camryn are now home safe and sound, our home is quiet, Wylie is resting….. I think I will join him!

We missed the ones who weren’t able to be here with us, I love you my family!!






One of the largest Cottonwood Trees in Kansas

This is one of the largest cottonwood trees in Kansas.  It is located in El Dorado.  Pioneers used the cottonwood as building materials for cabins.  It was not the preferred wood as it is soft, weak, and porous.  It was chosen only when other sturdy woods were unavailable.  They reproduce from the “cotton” that the Kansas winds blow around like snow in the early summer.  Cottonwoods grow rapidly in ideal conditions, reaching 100 feet in 15 years.

Where’s Wylie????? (Look closely)


Can quite reach far enough.  I love those tree huggers:)


Rock City

Our grandchildren, Camryn and Caden, from Missouri spent a week with us.  One of the places we visited was Rock City, which is located south west of Minneapolis, KS.

The rocks are remarkable because of their great size and large number.  The spheriod masses are know as concretions.  Rock City has 200 sandstone concretions covering the area of approximately two football fields.  There are others throughout the world, but none are as large as they are at Rock City.


DSC01719 DSC01714 DSC01727 DSC01731 DSC01710