Tour of the Coop de Ville

I enjoy walking out to my chicken house this time of year, a few years ago I planted honeysuckle along the north fence of the chicken run.  The varieties blooming now are  Mandarin and Goldflame honeysuckle.  The Halls Japanese variety hasn’t started blooming yet, but it’s loaded with buds.  It is my favorite, as it’s the most fragrant.



Welcome to the coop de ville!


This is my feed room.  The plastic trash cans hold plenty of layer and scratch grain, also keeps any critters from getting into the feed.

I especially love my galvanized bucket chandelier.  When I asked Mr. Farmer to help me put it up his reply was, “you want me to what with this bucket?”


Some photos of the pictures in the feed room of the girls and boys. DSC01175

left to right –  Earl, Orville and Wilt


Mr. Farmer also made this horseshoe paper towel holder!



I made the grit dispenser out of a small cake pan and PVC pipe.  The girls enjoy looking at themselves in the mirror.


The little pink chicken door is great.  It’s on a timer so I don’t have to go out and open it early in the morning, of course it shuts at night, keeping them safe from any varmits.  I found it on the internet and no it didn’t come pink, I painted it!


DSC01171 DSC01173

I’ll post pictures of their outdoor run when it’s not so muddy and all the plants (that they don’t eat) are blooming.




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