Santa Fe Trail, Morris County, KS

Beautiful church and cemetery outside of Herington, KS

St. John’s Lutheran Church



Located along the Santa Fe trail

As I traveled along the Trail, I was amazed at the beauty of the lush grass land of the Flint Hills.  I was also thankful that my “buggy” had air conditioning as it was in the upper 90’s.

Lost Springs, KS



The Santa Fe trail passed approximately 3 miles north of Burdick.  Know as “Six Mile State Station” it was needed on the trail after the station at Diamond Springs was destroyed by  Missouri Bushwackers in 1863.  Burdick was settled in 1880, located on the Atchinson Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad.  The line has been removed but the railroad has not abandoned the right of way.




Diamond Springs

Diamond Springs know as the “Diamond of the Plains” along the Santa Fe Trail, due to the prairie fountain that was of high quality water.  The spring now rises in a concrete cistern and is piped to a nearby stock tank on the Diamond Spring Ranch.





Continuing south from Diamond Springs is Hymer Station along the abandoned train line



This beautiful bridge did not withstand the flooding this year


My lunch plans were changed as the Ad Astra in Strong City is only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Went to the Grand Central Hotel and Grill in Cottonwood Falls and discovered another wonder place to eat in Small Town Kansas.  The rooms in the Hotel are named after local ranches and look very comfortable.  Pet friendly too….Wylie!!


Strong City




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