Daily Archives: August 20, 2015

New Rooster

On my way back from Burns yesterday, I stopped at a shop in Marion, KS.  TC’s WhatNotShop (look them up on Facebook) is a unique shop located on Main Street that is stuffed full of so many interesting items.  A combination of new and used items.  They carry KU and KState items that you don’t see at the chain stores.  Lots of hand crafted items too.  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bring home a new rooster.  When I placed it by the chicken run, he scared all my chickens!!  I love Yard ART


Zenias DSC01919

Burns, Marion County, KS

Burns is located in Marion County, KS  It was originally named St. Francis, but they realized that name was already taken so they changed the name to be the same as a nearby Burns train station.  The Burns Union School was built in 1904, the high school closed in 1965, the grade school and junior high closed in 1997.  The population of Burns is 228.  There are numerous business including churches and the Burns Cafe and Bakery which is open Friday and Saturday.