Ruins of Post Rock

On our adventure to Denmark, we encountered numerous abandoned homesteads.  It’s sad to see this part of our history in ruins.  I can only imagine what it would have been like out on the prairies of Kansas.  I just received a book titled Sod and Stubble by John Ise.  It’s about a young woman and her family homesteading near Downs, KS in the 1870’s.  I looking forward to reading it.  I’m sure there will be an adventure to that area when I finish the book!

These photos were taken around numerous places between here and there.  Mostly there, in Post Rock Country.





Twin Grove School 1870-1947  Historical Site Lincoln, County, KS


I’ve come across numerous cellars and I have not ventured down into any of them.  I really doubt if I ever go into one!



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