USB Outlet

We started out the morning with a COLD 4 degrees.  Coldest morning we’ve had this winter.  When the days are this cold, Mr. Farmer stays pretty close to the fire and is able to get the projects done in the house.  He is replacing a regular outlet with a USB receptacle.


We bought these at Lowe’s.  The one he put in the kitchen is a 20 amp.  (Not that I know the difference, just repeating what I heard.)  The 15 amp will be placed somewhere else.


I love cookbooks and have quite a collection.  I have some of my grandmother’s and my mom’s,  I have a lot of their handwritten recipe cards also.  I don’t want to ever stop using my cookbooks, I like to write notes about the recipes.  Some notes:  “don’t every make this again” or “this is  (your name here)’s  favorite!!!”


I find myself more and more using my (well, actually it’s Wylie’s) iPad for recipes.  It’s the biggest cookbook ever.  Sometimes it helps having a video to show you exactly what to do and I like reading the reviews of the recipes.  I’m really going to like my USB outlet, seems like my  (Wylie’s) iPad or phone is always needing charged.  Thanks Mr. Farmer;)


Why does Wylie have his own iPad? …….that’s a post for another day.

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