Winter Chores

I came in from doing my chores this morning and I sent a text to Mr. Farmer saying, “It’s 23!  I froze while out choring!!”  His reply, “It is February”

This is what it was like back in 2014, I guess I forgot.

Poor little Wylie



It was a beautiful sunrise that morning.


No more complaining that I’m cold.  It has been a beautiful February with highs some days in the 70’s.  We have been taking lots of long walks.  Here’s one of my favorite back roads to walk.  The cedars block the cold winter winds and the leaves provide a shady canopy from the summer sun.


5 thoughts on “Winter Chores

  1. Jessica Adam

    We’ve had a mild February as well. Your pictures remind me of a few February’s ago with snow piled high. We actually thought this was going to be a hard winter here. Was looking forward to sledding etc. This is the year I was going to try snowboarding… Maybe next year. No snow. 🙂

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      Jessica, you are much more adventurous in winter than I am! I ‘d rather clear snow from the warmth of a tractor with a cab. You still might get enough snow for snowboarding. I like late winter snows, they melt quicker!!

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      Hi Pam! I hope your winter has been beneficial with mountain snow and that spring will be good and you will have a great peach crop!! Hope everyone is doing well and I miss you bunches!!



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