Morning Chores

With Mr. Farmer on a trip, I get to do the morning chores.  I don’t make it out quite as early as they’re use to being fed, so they are certainly glad to see me!

Champ is waiting by his bucket.  He is now the only horse, as Dozy is now with a young lady and will be her barrel racing horse.  She will enjoy that!DSC03583

This trio is always entertaining.  Chili, Will, and Bill all wait patiently each by their own bucket.

Chili, miniature donkey


Will and Bill

Will, the white and black, is a fainting goat.  He doesn’t faint for very long, he comes to just as you are about to get his collar on, hang on, this could be a rodeo!

Will’s thoughts:  Would you PLEASE quite taking pictures and FEED US


Even though there are 2 buckets for them, they like to eat out of one and head butt each other!


I don’t have the large flock of hens that I use to have, it’s enough to keep us in eggs and less cleaning for me!

left to right:  Jacquie, Thelma and Louise, or Louise and Thelma, I can’t tell them apart!  Miss Kitty was already in the nesting box so I didn’t bother her.


Mac, 8 week old rooster that a dear friend gave me.  He lived in town, NO roosters allowed!  I’m glad he is here, can’t wait till he starts crowing!


Enjoy you day!  It’s beautiful on the prairie in Kansas, finally some sun!


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