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Churches of the Prairie 2

This is a series of post about abandoned, rural, and small town churches through out Kansas.  Sadly some are beyond repair, some are struggling to continue offering services and others are a vibrant part of the community.


St. Ann’s Catholic Church – Olmitz, KS  1889

On the day that I visited the church a company was removing some the stain glass and windows to reburbish the windows.  That has to be quite an expense, it speaks highly of the parishioners who are willing to commit to such a financial obligation to preserve their beautiful house of worship.






Stain glass and Stations of the Cross


The company restoring the windows is doing a great job.


St. Catherine’s – Dubuque  KS  1901-1907

Even thou I just posted this one last week, I could never go past St. Catherine’s at Dubuque without stopping!  Services are no longer held here.


Lutheran Church and Sunday School Building

I had been looking for this church for sometime, I was so happy to find it.




Cemetery across the road from the church