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Neosho Falls, KS

Neosho Falls, Woodson County, KS is located along the Neosho River in the southeast part of the State.  Settlers arrived in the early 1850’s settling on land that was part of the New York Indian Reserve.  It was never occupied by the Indians and in 1860 the US Government put it up for homesteading.

Neosho Falls was a transportation center being located at the junction of 2 railroads and the Neosho River.  Retail business at one time were banks, motels, flour mill, saw mill and sorghum mill.  The city suffered numerous set backs as electricity replaced water power, disastrous flooding, and the Depression.



Prosperity returned when oil was discovered in 1937.  Anticipating new growth a large elementary and high school was built.  But another flood destroyed much of the town in 1957.





This looks like a quiet street, but I was amazed at the traffic that was in town.  They were mostly headed to the river, where they would drive out to the gravel bars, park and then float around or fish.  I saw a fisherman out standing in the river in water up to his neck, only his head and arms holding his pole were visible, one way to keep cool!  The residents do not need a big pool or spray parks, they have the beautiful river!

Current population is 141.  One resident is quoted as saying “Neosho Falls may not be the boom town that is once was, but, we like it just the way it is”.  I can understand why they like their town!