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Wells, Miltonvale, and Aurora, KS

August on the prairie is known for its sweltering heat and little to no rain. The grasslands are brown and dry, with the threat of large grass fires…….this year August has been cooler and with plentiful rain, the grassland is green and lush.

We have a dry creek in our back yard that handles the run off from the pasture, know by the locals (me) as Farmer Creek.  This past week it has rained daily. One twenty-four hour period we received over 5″ of rain.

Farmer Creek  was out of its banks.


Finally the sun came out and Wylie and I took off on an adventure.

Wells is a small unincorporated town in Ottawa County.


Main Street DSC04505


Along the blacktop road between Wells and Miltonvale.

Silo Art

Since farmers are no longer using the silos you will see a lot of them with trees inside.


Windmills are becoming a thing of the past.  I’ve seen the blades of the windmills re-purposed as ceiling fans and wall decor.


Miltonvale, a city in Cloud County, KS, was founded in 1881.  Home to Miltonvale Wesleyan College 1909 – 1972.  Current population around 500.


Goats are keeping the grounds of the old college clear of weeds.


Aurora is located in Cloud County, KS  with a population of around 60.  The post office was established in 1886, it was called St. Peter for a couple of year.




Old Jail


Wild sunflowers along the ditch and a beautiful Kansas sky





We just felt the earthquake in Kansas.  5.6 centered near Pawnee, Oklahoma

That was quite a way to start the day.  We were sitting at the table reading the paper, having breakfast, when things started rattling.  The chandelier was swaying back and forth, dishes were rattling………Wylie was sleeping on the back of the couch.  I thought animals were sensitive to earthquakes, I guess not when you’re sleeping!