Daily Archives: October 18, 2016

Wild Horse and Burro Adoption

The Bureau of Land Management manages wild horses and burros to oversee that they thrive on the rangelands.   The BLM manages a vast area of Heard Management Areas, they strive to maintain a healthy herd population on these lands and when they exceed the appropriate management level they are removed and sent for adoption or to off-range pasture.  The herd can double in size every 4 years.  This adoption was held in Salina, there are adoption site all around the country.  Along with the adoption, there was a wild horse show.








All wild horses and burros are branded with a freeze mark.  The left side of the neck is shaved and the symbols are applied with an iron chilled in liquid nitrogen.  The mark uses a series of angles and alpha-symbols that can not be altered.   The hair on the neck will grow back white.


No, I didn’t adopt anyone.