Churches Of The Prairie 18

St. Phillip’s Catholic Church – Hope, KS



Hebron Lutheran Church – 1884 Burdick, KS



Walnut Valley Presbyterian Chruch 1870 – North of Winfield, KS



United Methodist Church – Rock, KS



EV Lutheran Church – New Gottland, McPherson County, KS




13 thoughts on “Churches Of The Prairie 18

  1. Jessica

    I want to live in Hope. Wouldn’t that be cool to have for a return address! These are beauties. I love how the old churches and buildings still stand.

    LB and I drove around our downtown here yesterday. There’s a two story brick building they are either gutting or taking down. Pretty sure it’s been here since the town started. It’ll be sad if it comes down.

    Love the picture with the grain bin behind that one church. I think that’s why I like old cemeteries so much, they fit right into the landscape.

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      1. Debra Farmer Post author

        I don’t have your talent with words and story telling! But I do love holding a camera (usually with a little Wylie in my arms too!)

        Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with publishing their blog?

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  2. shoreacres

    Like Jessica, I really like the church with the grain bin in the background. I wonder if they sing, “Bringing in the Sheaves”? What really strikes me is how tidy and nice all the grounds look. Some of our country churches are neat, too, but not all of them. These look like they’ve been cleaned and spiffed up just for your photo. They’re beautiful.

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      It does seem that most all of the churches are kept up, with the exception of the ones in ruins.
      I just learned of a beautiful church that is being torn down. The archdioceses sold it to the school district. Not a good plan.



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