4 thoughts on “Riley County, KS

    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      It was a beautiful Kansas winter day, even tho it didn’t feel like it where you were (and I would of been if someone would of had her phone charged🙄). It certainly is a cold one today!!! Sending you warm thoughts❤️


  1. shoreacres

    Is that bittersweet I see? I adore bittersweet, and even though I’ve learned there’s a good kind and a bad kind, I love it all. We don’t have it down here, but the last time I was in Iowa (back in 2011) I found some artificial in a gift shop that you honestly can’t tell from the real thing. Well, at least at a distance of over two feet.

    That first photo is gorgeous. I’d never heard of the lake, but lo and behold, it’s just beyond Manhattan, where I visited Konza Prairie once. My list is getting longer!

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      I was wondering what that vine was. I’m putting that on my “native plants to plant” list. There are numerous native plant sales around the area, I’m hopeful I can find the good variety.
      Tuttle Creek is just on the north side of Manhattan. A couple of years ago they had a major project reinforcing the dam as it’s close to a fault. I never did fish or explore this lake. I always went to Milford, Kanoplis or Wilson.
      Will return on a nice spring day! Such a beautiful part of the Flint Hills.



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