August and Flowers

What a beautiful morning.  We are having a break from our days record highs of 110 and 111. The cooler temperatures are certainly making it so enjoyable to be outside.

According to folklore, for every fog in August, there will be snowfall.  We are starting August 1 with fog.  Old wives tales tell of moisture 90 days after the first fog, which would make for a wet All Hallows’ Eve this year.  Hopefully I can remember all of this in 90 days to see if it holds true.

So many different colors of Echinacea, coneflowers


Wylie waiting patiently for his “reptile”, a little salamander that lives in the butterfly garden.

Swamp milkweed

Assorted annuals

Rudbeckia, black-eyed-Susan

Crepe Myrtle


6 thoughts on “August and Flowers

    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      It has been SO hot! I don’t enjoy summers as I use too or winters. It was tough keeping the plants going with all the heat and wind.
      Thanks for stopping by Farmer Days, now stop by here sometime!!! Would love to see you.


  1. shoreacres

    We’ve been hot here, too, of course, and it’s pure pleasure to see that fog. It’s way too soon to even hope for it here, but at least we’re in line for a little rain this week, and highs in the upper 80s instead of the upper 90s.

    Your flowers are beautiful. Our spring flowers are gone now, and even things like the coneflowers are fading.The basket-flowers are gone now, and even the sunflowers are seeding. But there surely are other treats around — I haven’t been out to look for a couple of weeks, partly because of the heat and partly because my camera had to go to the doctor. I learned an important lesson: when you’re changing lenses, don’t drip sweat into the camera! No real damage was done. I just had to have the focusing screen replaced. But it was odd to be without it.

    You really have done a beautiful job with your garden. it’s very attractive — not just the flowers, but the way you’ve laid it out. Those rudbeckia are fabulous!

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      Thank you so much. My flowers (and traveling the back roads) are my therapy. It certainly was a struggle trying to keep them watered during the heat wave and of course summer isn’t thru with us yet, but it’s certainly a nice break!
      Glad you were able to get your camera fixed, I know how attached you can get to them. I don’t know how many times I get away from the house only to realize that mine is in the other vehicle (along with my purse!) U turn.

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