Rainy Summer in Kansas

I haven’t said very often that I enjoy Kansas during the summer.  It’s usually hot, dry and windy.  Not so this year.  It’s a wonderful time to be in Kansas, almost like autumn, with cool, drizzly and foggy mornings and RAIN, lots of it.  I’ve emptied the rain gauge numerous time, over 8 inches!  Ours didn’t come all at once thankfully, as there have been communities that experienced flooding.


The wheat field across the road looks more like the wet lands at Cheyenne Bottoms.


I always enjoy baking on rainy days.

During a break from the rain, I went to one of my favorite spots.  Coronado Heights, just outside of Lindsborg.


A foggy start to the day, but at 5 am I saw a preview of the day. A beautiful starry morning before the fog rolled in.

10 thoughts on “Rainy Summer in Kansas

    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      I hadn’t realized you were so hot and dry! Makes for a long summer. Has your grassland been dry too? No hay for cattle?
      We certainly have been enjoying your Colorado peaches!!!
      Miss you guys


  1. shoreacres

    So lovely! We’ve had consistent rains, too, despite some dry periods. Consequently, we’re still quite green — far more so than usual for September. Of course, now we’re waiting to see if we’re going to have “just rain” this weekend, or “rain with a name.” I hope we don’t have a tropical storm, and really don’t think we will, but you never know. I’ll stay put for any tropical storm. I’m well provisioned, and can ride it out. If I get bored, I can spend time with my new guidebook to Kansas wildflowers and grasses, so I’m better prepared the next time I get up there!

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      I’m also hoping you don’t have “rain with a name” hadn’t heard that before, I like that. Of course they are now naming winter storms too. I can’t imagine going thru a hurricane!! A tropical storm yes, that would be fine and you do have a great book. I have one titled Kansas Wildflowers and Weeds. There’s also an app for your phone, I know you would love it. Just look in the App Store for the app with the big sunflower under Kansas wildflowers. You do such wonderful post and so informative. You will laugh at my next post Yellow Hike. Maybe you will name them for me!!
      Take care and be careful with the weather you have coming!



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