Beautiful Sunrise Prelude To A Snow Storm

I’m going to be wary of beautiful sunrises!! The weather system started as rain and changed to snow.  I think we had 5″.  It love being outside when everything is covered with snow, it’s SO peaceful and calming, as long as the wind isn’t howling and I’m all bundled up and not freezing.

No patio dining.





7 thoughts on “Beautiful Sunrise Prelude To A Snow Storm

  1. shoreacres

    Those are beautiful photos. There’s enough snow to be truly decorative, and without that horrible wind, it’s easy to go out and enjoy it. That last photo is particularly appealing. If I ever need a snow photo, I might ask your permission to use it, since we’re a little short on snow down here. We do have cold weather on the way, though — freezing weather, actually. “They” say it’s going to show up next weekend, just in time to annoy all the runners in the Houston Marathon.

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      Thank you for the wonderful compliment. I would be honored if honored if you used the photo. I had hoped for more of a reflection of the trees in the stream, but being in an area with farm ground the waters tend to be a bit cloudy from the run off.
      I looked at the forecast for next weekend, looks like cold for a lot of folks. BRRRRR



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