Another Round Is Coming

The national weather service has issued a blizzard warning for our area. 6-10″ of snow with wind gust up to 50 mph. I can’t wait!! With that forecast, Wylie and I loaded up and hit the backroads.

Smoky Hills Audubon Society Wildlife Sanctuary



One of our favorite roads to walk, but not today.



Going to keep watch on this nest.  When we were at the lake we saw many eagles standing out on the ice near open water.




7 thoughts on “Another Round Is Coming

  1. shoreacres

    Now I know where all our geese are — they’re still up there in your neighborhood! What a wonderful sight they are. Had they gone south, and now have returned? Or were conditions good enough for them to stay this year? Perhaps they always stay the winter.

    I laughed last weekend when I saw a different kind of snowbird migrating — the “winter Texans” who are headed north in their RVs and campers. It seems a little early for them to be leaving, but perhaps the various problems in the Valley have led them to move.

    Stay warm — may your blizzard be a “good” one: pretty, and not destructive.

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      I can’t imagine the snowbirds (loved your “winter Texans”!) heading north already. Might be a bit early.

      We usually don’t have the numbers of geese that are here this year. We see a lot of Canada geese, but there are also a lot of snow geese. It’s wonderful seeing them out on the wheat fields and milo stubble.

      Looking forward to the blizzard. It’s to start as rain and then snow with 50 mph winds. Could be interesting.

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      Thank you Pam. I have seen more eagles this year than any other year. That’s a good sign for their population.
      I know you are super busy with all the changes in you life. How exciting!!
      Love and miss you both.



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