Everything Is Full

Tornado warned thunderhead east of Salina, KS


Most of the reservoirs in Kansas are at record capacity levels.  This is Tuttle Creek Dam in Manhattan, KS  Yesterday  5/28/19 the elevation was 1133.27 MSL (58.27 above normal pool).  Today they began increasing the release of water.  Water is being released from the outlet tubes and not the emergency spillway.

Gates of the emergency spillway.

Flooding between Abilene and Enterprise.


Today was a beautiful day with no rain.  Just waiting for it to dry out so I can get on the mower.


3 thoughts on “Everything Is Full

  1. shoreacres

    It’s ironic that such beautiful photos also point to not so beautiful weather. Those really are phenomenal clouds, and you captured them wonderfully well! We went through that waiting-to-get-on-the-equipment phase earlier this year, and people who lost patience sometimes got themselves into a bit of a muddle. The farmers were smarter than some of the suburbanites who decided to get out the lawn tractor a little too early!

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