What’s Going On?

There’s always something to do. Love starting the day with a morning walk, before it get too hot. Our temps are pushing 100 this week.

One of my favorite backroads

Large snapping turtle.

Song of a mocking bird

A new neigh-bor!   Oh how precious!

The brome was cut and baled. Wylie and I moved the bales off the field. 

8 thoughts on “What’s Going On?

  1. kathy hisel

    Good morning, Debra- My painting entry for the Flint Hills Symphony show from your photo of the peacock unfortunately did not make it into the show this year. The show was converted to an online auction anyway due to COVID 19. Attached are some photos of my painting. My brother in law is a guitar maker and excellent woodworker. He made the frame from lath saved from an old home. I think it’s a nice little piece and am fine with keeping it! The stone post and tree are in my yard. Thank you again for sharing and I really enjoy your posts and photos! Have a great day! kathy

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  2. Debra Farmer Post author

    Oh darn, I wished the peacock had made it to show. Also too bad that there will be no Symphony this year. I didn’t see the attached photos, maybe it’s because I’m viewing it on my iPhone. Will have to get on my desktop and see if that makes a difference. Are you bless to live in the Flint Hills?
    Not enjoying the feeling of summer heat! I try to get my outdoor chores done early!!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. I so enjoy taking photos!!


  3. shoreacres

    We’ve entered into real summer now, too, at least as far as the heat’s concerned. But things are clicking along like usual; the corn’s really tall now, and tasseled out. I was so surprised to find that maize and corn are harvested around July when I first moved here. In Iowa, we always said, “Knee high by the 4th of July!”

    The mockingbird song is wonderful. I don’t hear them singing anymore here. I think they’ve all mated up, and are busy raising their babies. I have a pair that begin flying to the feeders at dawn, and they’re still at it. I began putting out dried mealworms, and that pleased a whole lot of birds!

    I’ve never seen a snapping turtle. A friend in Austin just lost the water lilies in her pond to one of those. Apparently they have a real fondness for the stems!

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      I do enjoy mockingbirds, but don’t have them regularly. I have a lot of meal worms, that I feed the young hens, will put some in the feeders, maybe that will bring more species. I have plenty of red wing blackbirds ( I need to get over and read your post on them!)

      Snappers have a bad disposition. I was talking to one being nice and it jump at me. Scared me!!!!!!! Thankful I wasn’t any closer to it!!

      With these hot days, it won’t be long before the combines are in the fields.

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      1. shoreacres

        I just posted a passle of Kansas prairie photos and a Kansas prairie song that I think you’ll like. Now, all I can think of is getting back up there again. At this point, I think I’ll plan on autumn — things should be back to what passes for normal by then (crossing my fingers, toes, eyes, ankles…)

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