Warm Winter Day

It was a beautiful winter day at the Kanoplis Lake.  I always like to go this time of the year to see the eagles in their nest.  This pair has been coming to this spot for years.  The park closes the trails around their nest.

Temperatures were in the 50’s today, but we’ve had some really cold weather with wind chills in the -10!  Parts of the lake are frozen over.

Wylie, the rock climber, we didn’t make it to the top!

Beautiful sky

So thankful for the nice winter day.  It’s going to change tomorrow and get cold again with only a slight chance of moisture.


5 thoughts on “Warm Winter Day

    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      Happy New Year to you! The eagles are at Kanoplis, on the road before the T where you can go to Horse Thief or the equestrian campground. Look west. They’re a ways off the blacktop. Definitely worth a trip over there!!
      It was such a gorgeous day to be out!!!


  1. shoreacres

    I’m so glad you got out and about on a nice day — I hope your next cold blast isn’t too bad. It sounds like you could use some rain, too. I suspect the front coming through your area may be arriving here on Saturday. They’re predicting 30-35 mph winds, and below freezing temps for suburbs north of Houston. We’ll probably stay in the low 40s,with wind chills in the 30s. Time to bring in a few plants!

    A friend spotted an eagle over our lake today, and I finally got a photo of the hawk that’s been dining (or trying to dine) on the birds coming to my feeders. Everyone needs to eat, so I just tell him to focus on the mice first, and leave the birds for an occasional treat!

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      It was wonderful being out!! It was a bit cool with the breeze blowing across the ice on the lake. It’s always exciting to see eagles.
      Yes, moisture would be greatly appreciated. About a month ago we had awful winds. Peak winds were 98 mph here at Salina. They were stronger to the west. A wildfire went through 5 counties. Around Paradise, KS there was a lot of cattle killed and numerous homes burnt. Just terrible. Such widespread damage.
      Stay warm!!! And yes bring the plants in!!!

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