Rolling In

After a LOT of days of hot humid weather, this morning was a welcoming break.  I was outside working in my butterfly garden at 6:30!!  No mosquitoes, a nice cool east breeze and this cloud to the north rolling in.  It looked like it could be packing heavy rain and wind, but thankfully we received just less than 1/2″ of rain, no wind.  The day stayed cool until around 3 and I was able to spend that time outdoors.  I’m so much “nicer” when it’s not hot!  I know, summer has just started, but I’m the spring/fall type.




5 thoughts on “Rolling In

  1. Jessica

    Whoa! That’s a crazy looking cloud!

    How have you been? I was thinking about you earlier today.

    Also, I figured something out today, if you have the Press This widget for sharing, I can share your posts and it doesn’t go to Facebook.

    I used Press This on 2 posts and neither of them went to my Facebook page! 🙂

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    1. Debra Farmer Post author

      Good morning! I had a granddaughter for a week, with more coming later this week!! Keeping busy here. I’m behind on reading your posts, but looking forward to catching up.
      Thanks for the info on the Press This widget. Will try to find how to add that! Have a wonderful day!!

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